What is the Average Daily Volume?

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Understanding the average daily volume is important for anyone who deals in the industry of trading. An average daily volume is understood to mean the cumulative amount of shares traded per day, divided by the number of trading periods that take place during that particular twenty-four hour period. There are a number of ways that this type of information can be helpful to investors and financial analysts. Here are some examples of how understanding the average daily volume makes trading easier.

One of the advantages of calculating the average shares traded per day is that it makes it very possible to identify broad trends within the marketplace. Usually, average daily volume is analyzed over a period of a calendar month, a quarter, or annually. Doing this type of comparisons of the shares traded on average per day can help the investor or analyst to focus in on a particular point in time where a trend seems to have started, making it possible to narrow the research into what factors led to the change.


Another important aspect of the average daily volume is that it can give some insight into the effects of market prices on the daily volume of shares that are traded. For example, an analyst or investor can look at the current level of average daily volume and compare it to previous periods that occurred before a certain change in price of certain commodities. This can help to gauge what type of impact the increase or decrease in the stock price actually had on the overall daily activity. Information of this sort can be very helpful, in that it can point to strategies that would allow the investor to profit from the market conditions that are created with the upward and downward movement of prices on key stocks.

One of the other aspects of calculating the average daily volume is to allow for what is usually referred to as known events. These would include regular occurrences that are well known to impact the cost of a given stock. Some of the more common examples of known events would be quarterly and annual earnings announcements, as well as dividend declarations. For purposes of utilizing average daily volume as a tool to plan upcoming investing strategies, this type of information may be noted, but not necessarily be the focus of the future plans of the investor. Whether for general information on the state of the market, or as a means of planning out an investment strategy, the use of the average daily volume is a market tool that is essential for anyone who is serious about making money in the stock market.


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