What is the ASP Tour?

Meghan Perry

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Tour is a professional surfing circuit that sanctions events around the world. The ASP is currently the acknowledged governing body of professional surfing. The top professionals in the sport are generally involved in the ASP Tour. The World Tour is one of several professional surfing circuits of the ASP.

Professional surfing is overseen by the ASP.
Professional surfing is overseen by the ASP.

The ASP Tour is comprised of both men's and women's divisions. The men's division is made up of the top 45 competitive professional surfers in the world, while the women's division includes the top 17 female surfers. Throughout the surfing season, these professionals compete in events that are part of the ASP Tour to determine the world surfing champion. Prize money is also awarded to winners at each event.

The top surfing professionals are generally involved in the ASP tour.
The top surfing professionals are generally involved in the ASP tour.

The ASP Tour is governed by a set of rules. For example, the tour is limited to a certain number of events each year. In general, these include at least 10 events for men and seven for women. At the events, competitors are awarded points based on different factors related to their performance. These points are accumulated throughout the season, and the surfer with the most points at the end of the tour is named the world champion.

The ASP Tour involves more than surfing competitions. Professionals on the tour are sometimes required to attend media events. There are also rules that govern how events on the tour are run and what the competitors may or may not do, as well as judging rules. The ASP Tour is also responsible for the professional world rankings in surfing through its events.

ASP Tour events are held at locations throughout the world. The association is divided into seven regions, and there can be no more than two events per region each season. This allows for equal representation across the regions, and it also allows surfers to compete in different places when the surfing conditions are best.

The ASP has a ranking system that determines who makes up the top surfers in the world. In the men's division, the top 27 rated surfers from the previous year are automatically offered a spot on the tour. In addition, 15 surfers are the highest scorers from events, and three are awarded wildcards. In the women's division, the previous year's top 10 are included, and then six others chosen from high scorers at events. One wildcard is also chosen.

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