What Is the Asian Golden Cat?

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The Asian golden cat is a species of wildcat found across a wide range of areas in Southeast Asia. The cats are typically about 30 pounds (13 kg) and average around 4-feet-long (1.2 meters). Their fur is often a golden shade, as their name would suggest, but there is actually a fairly large amount of variation depending on where they’re located, with specimens in some areas having gray fur or spots. The Asian golden cat is a predatory solitary animal, and can be somewhat elusive. They are protected by some governments and the population is considered somewhat threatened.

Most Asian golden cat specimens are found in forested environments, areas that provide plenty of cover and a diverse set of food sources. They are found over a wide range of locations in Southeast Asia, including places like India, China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Populations in some areas have begun to diverge from each other to the point where their appearance in terms of fur coloring is somewhat variable, but they are still all considered a single species.

Like most other felines, the Asian golden cat is a stealthy hunter and is considered quite capable. These animals hunt everything from reptiles to small deer and are actually known for occasionally hunting animals that are significantly larger than one would probably anticipate. For example, they have been blamed for threatening livestock in some areas, taking younger cows and other farm animals, an issue that has led to some level of persecution.


In many small feline species, it is often difficult for researchers and naturalists to get a good look at their behavior. The animals are generally very shy about contact with people and usually tend to stay very well hidden. For this reason, there are still a lot of gaps in knowledge about the Asian golden cat when it comes to behavior. There are several in captivity, where they are actually known to be quite tamable, but experts suggest that it is difficult to extrapolate much from captive behavior when trying to determine exactly how wild specimens behave. It is generally known that they have about two to four kittens in a typical litter and that the animals tend to be very territorial, living relatively solitary lives when they aren’t interacting for mating purposes.

Due to the overall difficulty in studying the Asian golden cat in the wild, experts aren’t exactly sure just how threatened the animals may be. In some areas, they are prized for their fur, which has led to some hunting, and they are also killed because they are thought to threaten livestock. These issues in addition to a shrinking habitat and a possible decrease in food availability are all thought to be contributing factors that may threaten the species to some extent.


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