What Is the American Village?

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The American Village is a historical museum near the small town of Montevallo, Alabama. The village is designed to reflect Colonial life in North America around the time of the American Revolution. Several Colonial-style buildings have been erected on the site since its founding, intended to provide interactive exhibits for visitors. The buildings are situated around a central Constitutional Green, which plays host to larger events and re-enactments. The American Village also contains several exhibits dedicated to the founding of the United States and its war for independence from England.

Much of the design of the village is intended to provide a recreation of important architecture and events surrounding the American Revolution, including a structure patterned after Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Another exhibit, the Colonial Courthouse, is based on another important 18th century building and helps to educate visitors about the Virginia Conventions, which provided some of the basis for the Declaration of Independence and later documents. Other exhibits related to the American Revolution include a scale replica of the bridge where the first shots were fired and a recreation of a military camp from that era.


Several buildings in the American Village are designed after early presidential residences. Washington Hall is a recreation of Mount Vernon, the estate of George Washington, first president of the United States. Another structure is a replica of the building used to house presidents in Philadelphia before the construction of the White House. The site also hosts a recreation of the Oval Office, which helps educate visitors about the voting process.

In addition to the many historical exhibits, the American Village is equipped to host meetings, conferences and weddings. Several of the buildings were designed to host gatherings of various sizes. The Colonial Chapel provides a space for weddings and related activities. There also is a Colonial-themed theater that houses plays and other presentations.

Throughout the year, the American Village hosts special events related to U.S. history and civic life. Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day are all celebrated with special programs and tributes at the museum. The museum also has activities for visitors near Thanksgiving and Christmas. As part of its core mission, the museum provides tours of its exhibits for school children and free lesson plans for teachers. The village requires reservations for school groups and is closed during certain times of the year, so it is important for visitors to check with the village's online calendar or call ahead before visiting.


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