What is the American Institute of Banking?

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The American Institute of Banking, founded in 1907, provides training and education to U.S. banking industry professionals under the auspices of state chapters of the American Bankers Association (ABA). The ABA, an advocacy organization that lobbies Congress on behalf of banking industry interests, is the largest U.S.-based banking trade association. The ABA's American Institute of Banking offers training to more than 150,000 individuals and organizations each year. Topics include everything from banking and business basics to more specialized topics such as commercial banking, retail banking, mortgage lending, and compliance. Courses are delivered online, in the workplace, or in classroom-based settings.

Individuals wishing to prepare for a banking career or develop additional skills and expertise to further their banking careers can pursue, among other credentials, their bank teller, team leader, supervisor, or call center certificate. Certificate programs offered by the American Institute of Banking are designed to provide training and preparation for specific positions within the banking industry. Those wishing to gain comprehensive knowledge of the banking profession as a whole may pursue a diploma, which involves a more rigorous course of study, in financial management, bank marketing, bank operations, commercial lending, or consumer lending, among others. Courses are also offered as one-off options, meaning anyone wishing to sharpen a specific skill or two may enroll in and complete as few or as many of the certificate or diploma courses in any order desired.


The certificate and diploma programs offered by the American Institute of Banking require completion of as few as five and as many as a dozen or more courses. Some of the programs require courses to be completed before progressing to others. Complete course descriptions are available on the institute’s website. Individuals and organizations can also request a complete course catalog on the website and use the institute’s online directory to locate a local instructor.

The certificate and diploma programs offered by the American Institute of Banking should not be confused with the certification programs offered by the ABA’s Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB). ICB offers 12 certifications in the areas of retail bank management, compliance and risk management, mortgage and lending, wealth management and trust, retirement services, and retail banking. In addition to completing the required courses, ICB requires candidates to pass an exam demonstrating proficiency in the subject matter before a certification will be awarded. Certification holders must also pay an annual renewal fee and complete a minimum number of continuing education credits each year to maintain the certification.


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