What is the American Dental Association?

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The American Dental Association is the leading source of information on oral health and dental care for dental professionals and the public. Established in 1859, this professional organization of dentists is resolved to informing the public on oral health topics, promoting high ethical standards in the profession, and encouraging scientific and dental advancements. The American Dental Association is able to fulfill its commitment for the public and the professionals through education and research.

For the public, the American Dental Association is a great resource that supplies a wealth of information. For example, people can find detailed information on oral health topics ranging from dental anxiety to gingivitis to oral cancer. In addition, it is a great way to find a dentist who is a member of the American Dental Association. Potential patients simply choose the type of dentist that they need, such someone who focuses on general dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, or oral pathology. Then, they enter their city and state and a list of dentists in the area is generated.

For dental professionals, the American Dental Association is an equally valuable source of information. It is designed to help dentists manage their practices and to provide quality and up-to-date dental care for their patients. Member dentists can find information on continuing education courses and seminars, although the requirements vary from state to state. It also is beneficial to inform dentists of current ethical and legal issues, insurance debates, and retirement information.


The American Dental Association is the liaison for the international community too. It strives to educate communities around the globe on the importance of oral care and dental health. It encourages members to volunteer in countries that are less developed to improve the oral health of the people in those countries. Those members that participate in the international initiative receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Association.

Other information that can be found through the American Dental Association includes details on accredited dental schools and dental programs, career advice, facts on other dental organizations, and specifics on new dental products. In addition, there is information for those individuals in need of low-cost dental care or persons with special disabilities. It is a great way to enhance a patient’s relationship with her dentist by providing a list of potential questions that she can ask before a dental procedure. Those interested in contacting the American Dental Association can find more information through their website or by contacting them in writing. It is physically located in Chicago, Illinois and tours are available.


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