What is the Adirondack Review?

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The Adirondack Review is a quarterly online magazine that celebrates literature and the arts. Issues are published online in the summer, fall, winter, and spring, and while the exact publication dates for each issue vary, they generally fall on or near the solstice or equinox of the season. The magazine was established by Colleen Ryor in the spring of 2000, and the first issue appeared that summer. Since then, it has sought after and published quality fiction, poetry, artwork, and photography, as well as articles, interviews, book reviews, and film reviews.

One of the most unique features of The Adirondack Review is the way in which each issue is compiled. When readers enter the site, they can choose to view either the “Current Issue” or the “Evolving Issue.” This allows readers to peruse one completed issue as well as the next issue as it develops. Furthermore, because it's an online magazine, the fiction, poetry, and other writings from past issues are always available to readers.


The Adirondack Review runs a number of annual contests. The Fulton Prize, for example, offers a monetary prize and publication in the magazine to one winner and up to four runners up every year. There are also poetry and photography contests. As The Adirondack Review is published by Black Lawrence Press, it is not uncommon for contributors to the magazine (as well as contest entrants) to gain the attention of the publishing company as well. In fact, some authors have published poems or short stories in the magazine eventually have book-length work published by Black Lawrence Press.

Although The Adirondack Review has published many well-known authors who have previous publication credits with such prestigious magazines and journals as The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Ploughshares to name just a few, the magazine is also open to publishing new and emerging writers. In fact, in the Spring 2007 issue, it published a poem that was written by a third grader.

The magazine offers virtual internship programs to students of literature, writing, French, German, and history. The internship program allows students to learn about how a literary magazine works without having to leave their campus. While The Adirondack Review has welcomed interns from urban schools, this program can be particularly helpful for students at rural colleges and universities.


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