What is the Ab Circle Pro&Trade;?

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The Ab Circle Pro™ is a compact piece of home exercise equipment distributed by Fitness Brands of Van Nuys, California. It consists of a metal frame with handle bars and a sliding knee rest section. Once assembled, the exerciser places his or her hands on the handle bars and knees on the knee rest in an "all fours" position facing the floor. The exerciser swings the lower half of his or her body as the knee rest moves in a semi-circular way in a track. The repeating side to side swinging movement is designed to provide cardiovascular exercise as well as tone the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs, and hips.

Cardiovascular exercise gets the heart beating faster and increases the oxygen supply to the body; it also burns fat and calories. "Lose Your Love Handles™" is the Ab Circle Pro™'s slogan. The home exercise machine has been advertised on television using an official spokesperson, who was reported to have lost over 70 lbs. (31.751 kg) after using the equipment.


Marketers of the Ab Circle Pro™ attribute its concept to the fact that many beginners who start exercise routines don't adequately support the abdominal muscles and are at risk for back or other injuries. The Ab Circle Pro™ is designed to support the abdominal muscles, or abs, by having the exerciser in a position that was predetermined to be safe by fitness experts. The downward facing position and knee holder apparatus supports the body's weight during the semi-circular exercise motions.

The Ab Circle Pro™ is designed to be used for only a few minutes a day, especially when a user first begins exercising with the equipment. By limiting the time reasonably, exercisers are less likely to get sore muscles, which can be the result of any cardiovascular toning exercise if someone is not exercising regularly. Once a higher level of fitness is obtained, the daily time spent on the exercise machine can be increased. Anyone who has not exercised regularly should talk to his or her doctor before beginning a new fitness routine.

Designed to fold up fairly flat when not in use, the Ab Circle Pro™ fits easily under many beds and inside most closets. The product does not replace heavy gym equipment as it is light in weight. Department and discount stores carry the exercise machine; a particular store may have the product set up so that shoppers can try it out.


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