What is the AAII?

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As an organization devoted to providing accurate and timely information regarding financial investments and money management, the American Association of Individual Investors has been the means of assisting many people in reaching their financial goals and improving the quality of life. Here is some background on the AAII, including what it has to offer today.

Founded in 1978 by Dr. James Cloonan, the AAII is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping people make the most of the financial assets at their disposal. One of the key elements about the AAII is that an individual does not have to be a financial whiz to understand the literature and help guides provided by the organization. In fact, from the very beginning, the AAII was intended to assist people who normally would not consider investing in anything more than a simple savings account.

One of the underlying goals of the AAII is to help individual investors develop and maintain a balanced view of what the current financial climate will and will not do. This is actually a twofold process, since it involves helping individual investors see clearly the perimeters of their own financial solvency as well as providing factual information about the current state of investment opportunities. The goal is to make sure investors do not overextend themselves, while still using the financial resources at their disposal to best effect.


The AAII has grown a great deal since its inception. Today, the investment association has over 150,000 members. The web site that is operated by the AAII has a wealth of information that is up to the minute. New content is added to the site daily, which makes it well worth checking back on a regular basis. Because the AAII is a non-profit association, it does not use any type of commercial advertising to sustain the operation.

A modest annual membership fee helps to keep the AAII operating. In return, members have full access to the general features of the website, as well as regular mailings that are full of helpful information. For an additional fee, it is also possible to obtain an enhanced membership package that is aimed specifically at tips for building and managing investments through the use of computerized investing methods.

Whether looking for tips to begin investing or looking for some solid information to expand an existing investment portfolio, the AAII is a great resource. With a lot of valuable information and a solid history of helping people realize their investment dreams, the AAII is a great tool to aid in creating a solid financial future without a lot of unnecessary guesswork.


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