What is the 4321 Detox?

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The 4321 detox is an herbal supplement marketed for weight loss and cleansing. For example, there are 10 herbs included in the formula manufactured by Health from the Sun, a U.S.-based supplement maker. The 4321 in the name refers to dosage instructions for the supplement. The 10-day active cleansing regime is followed by a 15-day maintenance period when users consume diluted 4321 detox.

On days one through four, four capfuls of 4321 detox are suggested with water. During days five through seven, three capsules are taken, with the suggested dose reducing to two capfuls for days eight and nine. The 10th day of the detox diet consists of consuming one capful with water. When combined, dosage instructions call for gradually reducing capfuls — 4,3,2,1.

The general idea behind the 4321 detox is to remove excess food that may be clogging the colon. When food is digested and all nutrients and vitamins removed, extra matter may be left behind. Food remnants may inhibit the body's natural cleansing process, leading to increased weight gain, sluggish bowel movements, and fatigue. The 4321 detox aims to remove excess food and return normal colon function.

Ingredients frequently included in 4321 detox include extracts from green tea leaf, dandelion root, and bitter orange peel. Green tea leaf and bitter orange peel extract are sources of caffeine. Dandelion root extract is a diuretic. Diuretics increase urine output.


Green tea leaf extract has been clinically proven to increase weight loss in several medical studies. According to a University of Arizona study involving 42 participants, daily doses of green tea leaf extract increased blood GST levels producing a detoxifying effect. GST, or glutathione transferase, is part of the family of enzymes that detox the body naturally.

Dandelion root extract is a common ingredient in detox diets, like 4321 detox, for the diuretic effect. Diuretics are typically used to increase urine output and flush toxins from the body. There are no detox benefits associated with dandelion root extract.

Bitter orange extract is a stimulant often compared to the herb ephedra. Stimulants are not typically included in detox diets because they have no cleansing effects. Stimulation may increase heart rate, blood pressure, and energy.

While there may be health benefits associated with body cleansing, negative side effects can also occur. Prescription medications and certain health conditions can be associated with increased risk of side effects. Interactions may also occur if other herbs are consumed during the detox diet. Before starting any natural detox plan, it is typically recommended users seek medical advice.


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Post 10

@JessicaLynn - I just completely disagree with your entire post! I think there's definitely a use for stuff like the 4321 detox booster.

And yes, I think food could build up in your colon. I think the idea that colonics are bad and detoxes aren't necessary is perpetrated by the government so people won't start healing themselves with natural medicine. Medical treatments are big business in this country- a lot of companies would lose a lot of money if people stopped getting sick.

Post 9

@JessicaLynn - Excellent points. Unfortunately, I don't think most people who purchase stuff like the 4321 slim detox really want to "cleanse" their bodies-they are just hoping to lose a lot of weight quickly, which isn't altogether healthy!

I would recommend that if you really want to detox your body, you just start eating well. Eat organic vegetables and good, farm raise meat. Don't eat any over-processed crap, white flour, or sugar. Bam! You're cleansed, without needing to purchase some weird diet pill that might contain uppers.

Post 8

I would be pretty leery of trying any kind of home detox, especially one that promises to cleanse excess food clogging the colon. The whole idea has no basis in scientific fact!

Let think about this for a minute: the colon is self cleansing! It moves waste out of your body all by itself and doesn't need any help from some ridiculous detox plan. Unless you are constipated, but that's a whole other problem that needs a different kind of treatment.

I read an article a couple of years ago that debunked all this nonsense about years old food sitting in your colon and making your feel bad (I believe that's how they try to sell you colonics also). So don't buy into the hype and save yourself the time and money!

Post 7

I didn't know that 4321 diet and detox has capsules as well. I tried to do this detox several years ago but I bought the liquid one. It's still the same ingredients and same plan, but just in liquid form.

I wish I had tried the capsules then because the liquid supplement tasted horrible. I made myself chug it for a couple of days but just couldn't do it anymore. My husband was furious with me because it cost a lot of money and I couldn't even complete it because of the taste.

I think that's the risk with detox supplements. You don't know if you will like the taste or be motivated to follow through with all

of the steps and remember to take everything on time. There are so many capsules to take! And if you end up disliking it, you wasted that money.

I have friends who benefited from this supplement and who have lost weight on it. But it just didn't work for me. Maybe if I get a hold of the capsules, I might give it another try, without telling my husband that is.

Post 6

@summing-- But 4321 slim and detox is not a weight loss pill, it's a herbal supplement that is meant to cleanse the body with antioxidant effects. Antioxidants in general aid weight loss by improving metabolism so I think that's why weight loss is mentioned in the description. There is no mention of dieting or starving yourself while taking these supplements.

I think you continue your regular healthy diet regime in addition to taking the supplements which are supposed to improve energy by boosting metabolism.

Of course it will make you weak and sick if you stop eating and just take this supplement and that cannot be the goal of any detox plan.

Post 5

I tried the 4321 diet detox and was disappointed in the results. Maybe I didn't give it long enough to do what it was supposed to do.

I don't like the taste of tea, and this is what it tasted like to me. I even tried adding a little bit of honey to sweeten it up, but still had a hard time getting it down.

I am glad I started this on a weekend instead of a Monday morning. The few days I took this I felt like all I was doing was running to the bathroom all day long.

Maybe this was an indication that it was working, but I just couldn't stick with it long enough to find out.

Post 4

@Mykol - I am usually a skeptic when it comes to this kind of thing, but thought I would give it a try so I would have some experience to go with my thinking and opinion.

This is the first detox cleansing diet I had tried, so really didn't know what to expect. My main goal was to cleanse my body of the bad stuff and give myself a fresh, clean start.

If I lost any weight, I figured that would just be a bonus. I didn't really care for the taste of it, as it seemed to almost have a black licorice kind of aftertaste.

I stuck with it for 2 weeks and did manage to lose

5 pounds during that time. I was not trying to lose weight, but was a lot more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth.

From my experience, I think it is a helpful thing to try every few months or so. If it cleanses your body and you lose a few pounds in the process, what have you got to lose?

Post 3

I have never been on a complete cleansing diet. I have heard too many bad stories of what your body goes through when you are detoxing.

While I can understand the benefits of it, I just didn't want to put my body through that all at once.

I read some 4321 detox reviews, and thought it would be a gradual, slower way to do a cleanse and detox.

After using two bottles of it, I didn't lose any of the weight I was hoping to lose. I will say that I felt like I had more energy though.

I didn't cut way back on the food I was eating, but did eat much healthier during this time. I don't know if the extra energy came from the caffeine in the drink or if I really was getting rid of some of the toxins in my body.

Has anyone used the 4321 detox diet with successful results?

Post 2

@summing - I appreciate you sharing your experiences with us. I have been thinking about doing a cleanse for a long time but your post is giving me second thoughts.

You look online and there is just so much positive information. People make a cleanse seem like a miracle potion. I also have a friend that did one, lost a ton of weight and firmly believes in the benefits of doing it. But I am still unsure.

Post 1

I have tried this and several other "cleanse" diets. Let me tell you from experience that they don't work and will leave you feeling weak and sick.

Most of these diets amount to little more than starvation. And of course if you don't eat for five, ten, fifteen days you will loose some weight. But you will feel miserable doing it and the minute its over you will gain the weight back.

This is a lesson I had to learn several times unfortunately. Take it from me. Stay away from cleanse diets and find a sensible regiment of diet and exercise to loose weight.

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