What is the 3-Day Workout Routine?

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The 3 day workout routine is a method geared toward achieving a full-body workout over the course of a week, including both strength training and cardiovascular exercise. As only three days of exercise are required, the 3 day workout is perfect for individuals with busy schedules who need to squeeze workout time into a hectic work week. Furthermore, a 3 day workout routine allows four days off from exercise per week, providing muscles with sufficient time to rest and rebuild, which prompts muscle growth or toning, depending on the specific workout in question. A three-day workout schedule is flexible to suit the needs and desires of each individual, and either a personal trainer or workout publication should provide sufficient guidance to develop a person's own routine.


By including both strength and cardiovascular training, the 3 day workout routine provides a full body workout without requiring exercise every day of the week. In general, strength training is divided between days to focus on muscles that complement one another but are also efficient to exercise on the same day. For example, many workouts include one day devoted to weight lifting that targets the chest and back. These two muscles groups complement one another, and it is easy to alternate lifts that focus on the chest with those that target the back, such as transitioning from the bench press to a back exercise like the dead lift or the bent-over row. Workout day two might focus on the biceps and triceps, while workout day three may isolate leg and shoulder lifts, although the 3 day workout routine is highly flexible to fit individual needs.

Cardiovascular exercise should conclude each of the three day's workouts, and ideally abdominal exercises should factor into the workout on either two or three of the days. There are a wide range of options available for cardiovascular activity, whether for individuals or groups. Any type of running, jogging, or cycling is ordinarily sufficient, and many gyms include the option of cycling or other types of group cardio workout classes. Playing basketball or soccer with friends also provides a good cardio workout. Abdominal exercises may include sit-ups or crunches, planks, or hanging leg raises, although there are many other options.

Proper guidance is essential in developing an ideal 3 day workout routine. Most gym memberships include the option of personal training sessions to help members start off on the right track. A few sessions should provide a specialized 3 day workout routine. Many exercise-oriented publications, such as magazines and books, feature specialist designed workouts that have been proved effective.


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Post 4

I have never seen a good three day workout routine for women. I feel like most of them are just three day workout routines for men that use smaller weights. There is a lot of overlap between the way that men and women workout but they are not identical. A women's body has unique features that require specific kinds of exercise. Most three day workout routines neglect this fact.

Post 3

I got a book from the library that details a 3 day full body workout routine. I have been doing it for about a month now and I could not be happier with the results. I have lost 7 pounds and have more definition in my arms, chest and stomach than I have had in years.

After the first month the exercises and routines change so that your body does not become used to a routine. It changes again after the second month. All told it is a three month circuit that you can repeat as many times as you like. I can't wait to see what kind of results I get by the end of the second month.

Post 2

A three day workout routine can be a great way to achieve maximum results in a minimum amount of time but it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to make the system work. You have to make each one of the workouts count and pay careful attention that you are not neglecting one aspect of the workout.

I do a three days a week workout routine that I developed myself. It takes me an hour. I do forty five minutes of strength training, often in interval circuits that raise the heart rate as they build muscle. I will conclude with 15 minutes of intense cardio like an uphill burst on a stationary bike or a shuttle run. By the end of the workout I am usually completely dead. but that is the point and I have been seeing some amazing results.

Post 1

Thanks for providing lot of information regarding the workout routines.

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