What is Testosterone Gel?

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Testosterone gel is one of several treatment options used today to deal with low levels of testosterone. Applied directly to the skin, the gel allows testosterone to be absorbed into the skin. Several levels of dosage are available, making it easy for the attending physician to adjust the amount of male hormones that are absorbed as a result of each application.

Most testosterone gel products require an application of anywhere between one and two times daily. General recommendations include instructions to not apply this type of testosterone replacement product directly to the genitals. However, it is recommended to apply the gel to an area of the body that can be easily covered with a bandage or with clothing. The very nature of the gel makes it possible for some of the product to transfer to another person if he or she comes in contact with the area of the skin where the gel was applied.

One of the best times to apply testosterone gel is shortly after taking a shower. At that point, the skin is clean, making for an unobstructed point of entry for the components of the gel. After drying off, a pre-measured dose of the gel is gently rubbed into the dry skin. Using a simple bandage to cover the area makes it possible for the gel to quickly infuse the body with the testosterone, helping to increase testosterone levels very quickly.


Once the testosterone gel is applied, most products recommend that the area of application is not exposed or allowed to get wet for a period of at least two hours. Many of the gels used today require somewhere in the range of four to six hours in order to ensure the highest level of absorption. During that time, it is best to refrain from any activities involving water, including swimming or showering.

Because testosterone gel can increase testosterone levels rapidly, it is important for anyone using this form of replacement therapy to only do so under the direction of a qualified physician. By monitoring testosterone levels, it is possible to identify the proper dosage to augment any testosterone still produced naturally in the body without subjecting the patient to any possible side effects. This is especially important if the testosterone gel is being used because of a temporary trauma to the testes or other organs that are involved in the production of testosterone. As less supplementation is needed to maintain normal levels of male hormones in the body, the amount and frequency of the gel treatments can be adjusted accordingly.


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