What is Test Equipment?

Shannon Kietzman

Test equipment is an important tool used in the manufacturing and business industry. The testing of electronics and the measurement of equipment, with the help of the right equipment, assists in maintaining the proper function and efficiency of equipment and tools used in the manufacturing sector. In addition, it ensures that machinery and tools meet certification standards in order for a company to remain in business.

An oscilloscope is a piece of test equipment that allows users to measure changes in voltage over time.
An oscilloscope is a piece of test equipment that allows users to measure changes in voltage over time.

Several different industries use and rely on test equipment to monitor their manufacturing process. These industries include the federal government, which uses such equipment in aerospace and military applications, as well as electronics manufacturers. The most common forms used in these applications include pulse generators, oscilloscopes, signal generators, multi-meters, spectrum analyzers, logic analyzers, and network analyzers.

An oscilloscope is used to view signal voltages and assists in the creation of two-dimensional graphs. A logic analyzer, on the other hand, provides a signal in a digital circuit that allows the user to check the correct operation of digital systems. It can capture data in most systems that have more channels than an oscilloscope can examine. A network analyzer is also used to analyze electrical network properties.

Companies sometimes purchase used test equipment in order to save money. Used equipment can be a worthwhile investment for most businesses, because it is generally capable of performing just as well as a new product, particularly if it is only a few years old. In addition, test equipment rarely becomes obsolete. Therefore, a new or used purchase can be expected to last for many years.

Purchasing new test equipment can be quite costly. It is not uncommon for such tools to cost more than $20,000 US dollars (USD). Used equipment, on the other hand, can often be purchased for considerably less. Another cost-saving option for a business that only uses these tools only occasionally is to rent it from a company that specializes in loaning out different types of equipment.

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