What is Tera Mai&Trade; Reiki?

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Tera Mai™ reiki is a form of alternative healing that utilizes the standard reiki traditions in concordance with additional healing energies. Both traditional reiki and Tera Mai™ have origins in the same source and follow the same general principles. Tera Mai™ is distinguished from the customary types of reiki by the integration of further healing energies supplied by the earth element.

In 1991, an American reiki practitioner named Kathleen Milner underwent a profound spiritual experience that revealed the dimensions of what would become Tera Mai™ reiki. During this encounter, the Buddha manifested himself before Kathleen and pointed out valuable information that was missing from the long-established practices of reiki. She joined forces with another American reiki practitioner, Marcy Miller, and the two women continued working with higher forms of consciousness in the cultivation of Tera Mai™. Despite its connections with reiki, Milner herself does not consider Tera Mai™ to be a registered reiki system, but a healing art unto itself.

Tera Mai™ reiki is a hands-on healing modality that directs the flow of energies to better heal the body and mind. It uses traditional reiki principles and adds energies of the earth element to the healing process, drawing power and healing potential from the earth. During the attunement of energies that is necessary to doing reiki, a gentle shift in focus on the part of the practitioner calls forth the energies of the earth. This alteration of energy and attunement with the earth element form the basis of Tera Mai™ reiki.

As more and more people benefited from Tera Mai™ reiki, the founders continued their spiritual encounters and were eventually instructed on additional aspects of Tera Mai™ that could be incorporated into practicing reiki. These aspects entailed utilizing the energies of fire, water, and air, or spirit. Once these energies were integrated into standard Tera Mai™, the healing art took on new power, and this fuller version of Tera Mai™ was named Tera Mai™ Seichem.

Learning Tera Mai™ reiki entails three levels of education. The first is Tera Mai™ Reiki I, in which a participant learns the basics of the process and is initiated into the healing ray of the earth element. In Tera Mai™ Reiki II, absentee healing styles are imparted, as well as a second initiation into the earth's healing ray. The Tera Mai™ Reiki Mastership level is the most involved of the three reiki classes, covering topics from the three Tera Mai™ reiki attunements to the opportunity to practice through a variety of exercises.

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