What is Tent Camping?

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Tent camping is a form of outdoor recreation in which people sleep outdoors in the shelter of a tent. There are a number of variations on tent camping, ranging from erecting a tent in the backyard over the summer to snow camping, in which campers are equipped with specialized gear so that they can safely camp in the snow. Tent camping can be a group or solo activity, depending on the tastes of the camper, and it is suitable for people in a wide range of physical conditions.

One form of tent camping is car camping, in which people drive to a campsite and erect their tents near their cars. This type of camping is often used for cost effective family vacations, allowing people to explore a new place without spending a great deal of money on housing. Tent camping is also handy for people attending big events like music festivals. People can also engage in canoe/kayak camping, in which camping supplies are packed into boats and people row to a campsite, or backpacking, in which people hike to camp and carry their supplies.


In addition to a tent, other common tent camping supplies include: cook stoves, sleeping bags, food, flashlights, insect repellent, matches, bottled water, water purification kits, personal hygiene supplies, cooking and eating utensils, first aid kits, and sometimes entertainment material like books and musical instruments. Some campers pack light because they will need to hike with their gear, or because they want to be as close to nature as possible, while others pack heavy for car camping or short hikes so that they can enjoy a number of comforts while they camp.

A variety of types of tents can be used for tent camping. Serious outdoorspeople tend to prefer very lightweight tents which are extremely compact and easy to set up, while more casual campers may opt for heavier tents and equipment which provide more room inside for campers. These supplies can include things like air mattresses to provide more support for people while they sleep, and shade awnings to extend comfort in the camp site.

Outdoor supply stores sell a variety of materials for tent camping. People who have not camped before may want to ask for assistance from the staff so that they can select a tent suited to their needs, and it is a good idea to see a tent fully constructed before buying, to ensure that it will be roomy enough, and to see how the tent should be erected so that it will be easier to set it up once a campsite has reached. Campers may also want to consider issues like the packed weight of the tent, and whether or not it has features like a flyscreen which will allow air to circulate on hot nights without letting insects in, and waterproof covers to protect the tent and its occupants in the event of rain.


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@dega2010: If you are a “beginner” tent camper, there are a few essential things you should consider. I always make a check list before we go camping so that I don’t forget anything.

The first thing to consider is your tent. You need to make sure to get a large enough tent to house all of your family members. We take an air mattress with us when we camp because there is not always a soft area of ground to place your tent. You need to be sure to take plenty of pillows and blankets or sleeping bags.

Another important thing to consider is your food. Depending on how long you plan on staying, you can get by with bread and sandwich meat. Most campgrounds have a grill where you can cook. Don’t forget to bring cooking utensils. Wieners and marshmallows are always a hit when camping.

Post 1

My family and I are considering going tent camping soon. I have personally never been tent camping because we always use our RV. What kind of tent camping gear would I need to consider taking with us?

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