What Is Telescopic Mascara?

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Telescopic mascara is a type of mascara that is designed to make the wearer's eyelashes look much longer for a dramatic effect. This is accomplished through the use of a specially-designed brush for application, as well as specific formulation of the mascara. Some reasons to try telescopic mascara might include sparse or short eyelashes since it is designed to maximize the appearance of each eyelash. It is also advertised as being easy to apply without clumping.

The term telescopic mascara refers a product that is specially designed to make the eyelashes look longer. The term brings to mind the long appearance of a fully extended telescope. Around the world, there are numerous manufacturers of mascara. Many have developed specific formulas that are designed to provide particular effects, including thickening the lashes, as well as making them look longer.


The lengthening effect of telescopic mascara creates a dramatic appearance, similar to the look achieved by wearing false eyelashes. Different manufacturers have their own versions of telescopic mascara, but the effect is generally achieved through the use of a specially-designed applicator brush and specific formulations of the mascara itself. The brush is designed to evenly coat each eyelash for maximum effect and often includes an attached comb to separate the lashes as the mascara is applied. In addition, the mascara often contains specific ingredients in particular proportions designed to improve the lengthening effect of the product. To increase the effects of the product even further, the wearer may apply several coats of mascara to his or her lashes if desired.

There are several reasons that an individual might select telescopic mascara when purchasing cosmetics. One reason would be short eyelashes, since telescopic mascara is designed to maximize the appearance of length which is often desirable. Another reason might be having sparse, or few, eyelashes, since the product is designed to make the most of every lash's appearance and prevent them from getting stuck together. Some people may also choose it for ease of use, since many manufacturers claim that telescopic mascara is easy to apply without clumping.

Throughout time, a variety of cosmetics have been used by both men and women in order to enhance appearance and to look more attractive. Cosmetics that enhance the eyes and draw attention to this important, expressive feature of the face have enjoyed steady popularity, and their use dates back to ancient times. Mascara is a cosmetic that enhances the eyes by making the eyelashes around them appear darker, thicker and longer to create a frame around them.


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