What is Technology Consulting?

G. Melanson

Technology consulting is the process of providing professional technology advice to a business or organization. It may entail suggesting and implementing certain software or hardware solutions into the business or organization in order to streamline certain processes by increasing efficiency and cutting costs. For example, an accounting firm that has historically relied on hard copy records and ledgers may benefit from consulting that can recommend, create or customize a software program designed to organize those records electronically. As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, this type of consulting can benefit virtually any industry, including those considered “low-tech.”

Technology consulting firms help other companies maximize their use of new technology.
Technology consulting firms help other companies maximize their use of new technology.

Many businesses and organizations seek out technology consulting as they require the most updated technological acumen available, which in-house personnel may not be capable of providing. For example, a bank that already employs a webmaster, computer programmer, or other tech-related personnel might also contract a consulting firm to develop secure online banking solutions for their website.

A technology consulting firm provides support to a corporate client through technological change.
A technology consulting firm provides support to a corporate client through technological change.

In order to provide technology consulting on a professional basis, whether as an independent, self-employed tech consultant or one with a tech consultancy firm, an individual needs to have a proven track record of accomplishments. This experience should be reflected on his or her resume, and may include such accomplishments as procuring a new software system to streamline company finances or increasing a company’s bottom line by suggesting programming changes to database to cut billable hours.

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Technology consulting firms that are contracted by other organizations are often hired on a project basis, which means the firm must fulfill a specific mandate outlined by the business that hires them. This mandate may include goals such as implementing software for data-entry or transferring data and information to a secure, off-site storage unit. These projects most often need to be carried out within a time frame agreed-upon by the consulting firm and the hirer, and typically require the formation of a project team. The team usually consists of members of both the hiring organization and the technology consultancy firm, who work together toward achieving the project’s mandate.

As businesses and organizations have become increasingly reliant on employing the latest technologies, many employees of such businesses and organizations that solicit technology consulting have grown to see such consultants as a threat. This often arises when the consulting is called on to increase organizational efficiency, which may mean eliminating certain employee functions or positions altogether and replacing them with technology solutions recommended by the consultant.

Technology consulting can help a company determine which software it needs to operate.
Technology consulting can help a company determine which software it needs to operate.

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Discussion Comments


Technology consulting is all the same. Firms will force you into a contract under fear that your entire system will collapse and you will be left helpless with your hourly paid college student as your information technology expert on site.

These lucrative contracts are often filled with jargon that in the end makes a bad deal for the client. The last technology consulting company that I hired had horrible service and charged me an arm and a leg.


My business requires the use of some very hefty types of technology that evolves quickly as the market shifts. In order to keep a competitive edge, I invest tens of thousands of dollars every year into my capital equipment and technology services. This means that while I appreciate the expense savings one can get from having an in-house technology expert I have found the need to use business technology consulting firms as a means to stay ahead. The vast resources that these specific use firms have means that they will have a better understanding of market trends and where my business should take it's next step.


As the owner of an off-site technology consulting business I often run into significant challenges in providing my clients with the most effective and efficient solution to their technology needs.

Mostly these challenges come in the form of communication issues. It is vital in our business as technology consultants that we discover and discuss exactly what the needs of a client are so the systems that we design are not grossly overused or underused and can perform the specific tasks that the users require.

To overcome this communication barrier we implement a variety of procedures that expedite and clarify the next step in completing delivery of services. E-mails, phone calls, faxes and text messages are all included in the required tools for technology business consulting. As anyone in the business can tell you, if you don't deliver what the client wants, don't expect another client to ask.

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