What Is Tea Rose Perfume?

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Tea rose perfume is a fragrance that imitates the scent of a tea rose. There are both natural and synthetic versions. A tea rose is a variety of flower known for its full, pleasant smell. Hybrid tea roses are the quintessential rose, with large, single blossoms and long stems. Tea rose perfume is manufactured by a variety of companies and is available in several concentrations. It can be found through stores, online, and in catalogs.

A perfume labeled "tea rose" or "rose" is usually a floral scent. There are at least six families of scents in perfumes. Citrus is based on fruits, oriental typically refers to spices, and green, chypre, and fougere are woodsy, using pine and herbs. Florals and citrus, and some spices tend to have the sweetest aroma, but there is great variation from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Scents are created with natural ingredients, usually essential oils from plants, or synthetic chemicals. In the United States, manufacturers are not required to disclose whether fragrances are natural or synthetic, so it is difficult to determine the origin of a scent. Some companies cater to consumers who desire a natural scent, and label the perfume as such. They may also use terms like "from essential oils" or "organic". Tea rose perfume is available in both natural and synthetic formulas.


There is no guide to which scents suit what type of person the best. The choice is a matter of preference. Even so, men tend to wear spicy and outdoorsy scents while the bright, sweet florals and citrus scents are often preferred by women. Even so, there is tea rose perfume for both men and women. Similarly, scents based on spices and citrus can also cross gender lines.

Perfume is made in three basic forms: parfum, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette, which is sometimes called eau de cologne. Parfum has the highest concentration of perfume scent — up to 40% of the formula. Eau de parfum is usually 7% to 15% concentrate while eau de toilette only 1% to 6%. The higher the percentage, the longer the scent will remain fresh when it is applied to the body. Higher concentrations are usually more expensive as well.

Tea rose perfume is available in all concentrations. It is typically more expensive as a parfum or eau de parfum, but the brand name can also greatly effect the cost of the perfume as some companies have greater prestige than others and often reflect that in the price of their products. The scent of tea rose is not exclusive to perfumes. In fact, it is commonly used in soaps, lotions, body washes, powders, scented candles, potpourri, and many other products. Tea rose perfume is also available in powdered or oil essence form which can be used as a body scent or as a fragrant additive to other cosmetics.


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