What is Tarentula Cubensis?

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Tarentula cubensis, also known as hairy spider or Cuban spider, is native to Texas, southern California, and Cuba. This spider is made into one of several homeopathic remedies in which an arachnid is the basic ingredient. It is most often prescribed by homeopathic physicians as a treatment for boils, abscesses, infections of the finger tips, or any condition where the tissue has a blueish cast in conjunction with intense burning pain. Tarentula cubensis may also be recommended for people who have carbuncles, overwhelming weakness, and restlessness at night. There is little scientific research into the effectiveness of this preparation.

The entire spider is used to make this homeopathic remedy. The Cuban spider is ground up and diluted with either distilled water, alcohol, or powdered lactose. One part of the diluted product is mixed with more distilled water, alcohol, or powdered lactose. This process repeats until the desired potency is reached. The usual dosage for Tarentula cubensis is the sixth to thirtieth potency, or 6x to 30x. The final product is either bottled as a liquid or made into small white pills that dissolve when placed under the tongue.

Homeopathic physicians may prescribe this remedy to people who demonstrate symptoms of severe pain, swelling, or inflammation. Pruritus, or itchiness, of the kidney region and genital area may also be treated with Tarentula cubensis. These symptoms usually occur in conjunction with stinging or burning pain, nighttime restlessness, and an increased discomfort when the afflicted area is touched.


Tarentula cubensis is also given to patients with diptheria, those who experience dizziness, or a dull ache on the top of their heads, along with a shooting pain through the left eyeball and across the face. The inability to hold urine while coughing, pimples, drowsiness, and a harsh cough are just a few more of the symptoms said to be relieved by Tarentula cubensis. In addition, this remedy is given to people who are dying. It is believed that it eases the pain of death.

There are no reliable clinical studies that clearly prove Tarentula cubensis is effective for any of the above-mentioned conditions. Conventional medical doctors and scientists tend to be very skeptical of the claims made by homeopathic practitioners. Anecdotal evidence suggesting that the medicine can be effective is often dismissed by medical doctors as the placebo effect. Advocates of homeopathic medicine strongly disagree. Tarentula cubensis is considered safe, but anyone considering using a homeopathic remedy, particularly if pregnant or nursing, should consult with a physician prior to its use.


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