What Is Sweet Chilli Sauce?

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Among the sweet sauces of the Eastern world, sweet chilli sauce is one of the most popular. This condiment is made with the spice of chili peppers and the sweetness of sugar. It is most commonly used as a dipping sauce, but can also be employed in marinating meats and vegetables and other forms of cooking. Though sweet chilli sauce is most often used in Thai and Malaysian cuisine, it is also popular in Australia, the United Kingdom, and in the United States.

Hot peppers are the most frequently used ingredients in sweet chilli sauce. These may include varieties such as jalapeno and Serrano peppers. In sweet chilli sauce recipes, red chilli peppers are most often called for. Ground chilli paste may also be used, which is not as fresh, but can make preparing the sauce easier on the cook.

Lots of different brands of sweet chilli sauce are available for purchase, usually in a bottled container. Making the sauce, however, can yield a much fresher, stronger taste. It can also incorporate the cook's personal preferences to create unique, more satisfying flavor combinations. Fresh peppers are usually recommended when making sweet chilli sauce. Sweetening agents can vary from sugar, to maple syrup, to fruit.


In addition to peppers and a sweetening agent, various spices are used when making this sauce. Garlic is one of the most common spices used in preparing chilli sauce. Ginger is another frequently used ingredient. Paprika, salt, cilantro, and many other spices may be utilized as well, depending on the preferences of the cook. Though the sauce is sweet, it can also be altered to suit the tastes of those who prefer more spicy condiments.

Many different liquids can be utilized to create the sauce component of these flavors. Water and vinegar are often used in the sauce. Sherry is also used by some chefs. For a saltier taste, soy sauce can be combined with other liquid ingredients. Some cooks also add in fish sauce.

Once the sweet chilli sauce is prepared or purchased, it can be used on a wide variety of snacks and foods. Chilli sauce is a very popular choice of dipping sauce for prawn toast and spring rolls. It can be substituted for any condiment used for dipping Asian foods in, as well as a marinade for chicken, pork, or vegetables. Grilled fish is sometimes topped with the sauce as well.


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As much as I enjoy sweet chili sauce, I usually prefer to make my own. Based on my personal experience, the ones I've bought at the store haven't been too good, and are filled with several preservatives and flavorings. By attempting to make my own, I can enjoy the peppers fresh without having to worry about any unneeded additives.

Post 1

When it comes to chili peppers and chili sauce, it's all about personal preference. While some like the sweeter peppers, others like the spicier kind. Although these personal preferences don't seem like much of a big deal, if you plan on serving an entire family, it's good to take this into consideration.

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