What is Sustanon?

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Sustanon is an injectable steroid that is a synthetic derivative of naturally occurring testosterone in men. There are two variations of Sustanon. One is a blend of four types of testosterone, and the other has three types of testosterone. Sustanon is both an androgenic steroid and an anabolic steroid, which is typical of all varieties of steroids, because the two elements cannot be separated. This steroid has side effects that can be harmful to a user's health if it is abused, and it should not be used except after consultation with a medical professional.

Essentially, Sustanon is hormone replacement therapy for men. The steroid is injected into the body to form a deposit that releases testosterone over time. Testosterone is a naturally occurring male hormone produced in the male testes. Low levels of testosterone can reduce sex drive, cause impotence and lower sperm count as well as result in fatigue and weakened bones. Doctors prescribe Sustanon to treat testosterone deficiency because its androgenic steroid quality helps improve the male reproduction system and increase testosterone levels.


Used in larger quantities, Sustanon’s anabolic quality builds muscle mass. Some male and female bodybuilders use the steroid in cycles with other types of steroids to gain muscle size more quickly. Other athletes use steroids to increase recovery time after races or intense training. Doctors typically do not prescribe Sustanon to women unless they are seeking a gender change. At one point, doctors prescribed testosterone steroids to women to treat osteoporosis, but they are no longer recommended for that purpose.

Regardless of whether Sustanon is used for male hormone therapy or bodybuilding, there are side effects such as acne, increased body air and breast development. In what seems like a contradiction, steroid use can result in hair loss on the head, can lower sperm count and can shrink the testicles. Long-term steroid abuse can have significant health consequences such as liver disease, high blood pressure and heart attacks. Other issues can arise with the possibility of not having clean needles, such as the risk of infection from the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or hepatitis.


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