What is Survival Gear?

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Survival gear is anything that can be used in an emergency situation. This includes everything from food and water supplies to fishing and hunting gear. Most survival equipment is geared for wilderness survival, although much of it can also be used in homes, businesses, or other locations.

When camping in areas miles from civilization, it is accepted that emergencies may happen, including serious injuries or getting lost. Wilderness survival gear is meant for outdoor enthusiasts who want to be prepared for these emergencies before taking off on a long camping trip. Some of the items available are heating and cooling products, mosquito nets, and water purification tablets. There are also fishing kits that can easily fit into a coat pocket, fire flints, and utility knives. Water carriers, such as canteens, are also common in outdoor survival gear kits. Flashlights and long-life light sticks are also usually included.

Emergency survival gear is usually available as kits. These kits usually include food, which is available as snack bars or Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). MREs are military-issue food packs that provide meals such as pasta, stew, or even grilled chicken and beef patties. The kits also include signaling and navigation tools, such as compasses and global positioning systems (GPS.) Signaling tools include whistles and mirrors designed for flashing signals. They also include flairs and strobe lights.

There are many medical supplies offered as survival gear. The most basic of these is a first aid kit. A first aid kit contains bandages, antiseptic, and basic medications such as ibuprofen. Something else often found in medical kits are blood clotting compresses. These pads contain a clotting agent, preventing severe blood loss from a serious injury. Extractor pumps for snake bites are also available, allowing users to remove most of the venom left behind by poisonous snakes in a safe way.

Survival kits are readily available from many online retailers, and often contain everything an outdoors enthusiast will need for a reasonable price; well worth the investment. Survival gear is essential for individuals who spend a lot of time camping or engaged in other activities that may result in them being far from home when facing a potentially dangerous circumstance. It is hard to predict when an emergency situation may arise, making it important to be prepared for anything. Having the supplies to survive in the wilderness may make the difference between life and death if the worst was ever to happen.

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@calabama71- Unfortunately, when it comes to devastating events such as tornadoes, survival kits do not always help. However, in many severe weather situations, thousands of people can end up with no power. They can also be possibly trapped in their homes due to downed trees, etc. This is also a huge problem with snowstorms and blizzards. It is essential to have some type of survival gear in your home for times such as these.

One thing that is very helpful is to have a survival gear checklist. Your checklist may be different from others depending on where you live. If you live in the northeastern part of the United States, you would definitely want to make sure that you have enough food, water, blankets, and another source of heat. If you lived in the southeastern part of the United States, you would focus more on hurricane supplies.

Post 1

I live in Alabama and we were just recently hit by a strand of deadly tornadoes that devastated the state. There are thousands of people without homes now. When it comes to natural disasters, what is the best kind of survival kit to have around in case you are without power or water or other basic necessities?

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