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Supriva™ is the registered brainchild of Invista, considered to be the largest producer of integrated fiber products in the country and possibly in the world. As such, Supriva™ is part of a large family of natural and synthetic fibers that are incorporated with polymers to produce durable goods for the home, the office, and a number of other applications. As the company’s specially blended type 6,6 nylon, the brand name of Supriva™ is recognized around the globe and has developed a reputation for being one of the most durable fibers for heavy use products.

One of the most common uses for Supriva™ has to do with the manufacturing of carpeting for the home. The superior processing that goes into Supriva™ has created a fiber that will easily stand up to a lot of traffic, is virtually impervious to breaking and splitting, and will hold its color and shape for years at a time.

Packing a lot of stain resistant properties, Supriva™ can be used in any room of the house and will clean up easily from all sorts of spills. Supriva™ can even stand up to pet stains, which often spell the beginning of the end for many types of carpet blends and fibers. As an option for wall to wall carpeting, few blends are as practical as Supriva™.


Outside the home, Supriva™ can also be a wise choice in the workplace. Most offices deal with a lot of foot traffic, and require frequent cleanings. The dirt repellent qualities of Supriva™ make it easy to keep the carpets looking new with the simple use of a vacuum cleaner, with a deep cleaning from time to time. Chances are that the office staff will tire of the color of the carpet long before it actually needs to be replaced due to wear. As with the home blends, the commercial blends of Supriva™ can easily be installed and will provide a lot of satisfaction.

Along with wall to wall options, Supriva™ is also used to create area rugs of varying sizes. These can make ideal mats for the kitchen, bath mats, and even occasional rugs near an entrance to the home. As easy to clean as their larger counterparts, Supriva™ blend area rugs are not much more expensive that any good quality rug choice, and will last for a number of years.

Supriva™ has begun to make inroads in other applications as well. Some auto manufacturers are beginning to use Supriva™ for both auto carpeting and upholstery. Supriva™ can also be used to create woven drapery panels that will hold up well against the light. Given the fact that Supriva™ is both durable and attractive, there will no doubt be additional applications developed in the future.


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