What is Super Low Fat Food?

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There are many different types of super low fat foods available both as commercial products or natural products. Low-fat and fat-free dressings, condiments, and dairy products are readily available at most grocery stores. Additionally, fruits and vegetables tend to be extremely low in fat. While many types of meats have high fat contents, meats such as chicken breast, pork tenderloin, and canned seafood may be an integral part of a super low fat diet. Such a low fat diet, while beneficial for weight loss and heart health, may not necessarily be low in calories, sugar, or sodium.

Most commercial products have fat contents listed on the nutritional facts labels. A super low fat food may even have this information listed on the front label, used to the manufacturer's marketing advantage. This is often the case regarding low-fat or fat-free dressings, condiments, yogurts, cheeses, and spreads.

Dairy is not generally considered a super low fat food. Some dairy products, however, are low in fat or completely fat free. Nonfat ice creams and yogurts are available on the market. Additionally, nonfat milk is recommended over reduced fat milk when practicing a low fat diet.


Certain types of meat may be listed in the super low fat food category. In general, red meats tend to be high in fat, although often the fat content is listed on the labels of steaks and ground meats. A ground beef package labeled as "95/5," which refers to the percentage of lean meat to fat, is actually very low in fat.

Usually, skinned chicken breast is the staple meat for people seeking to eat a diet rich in super low fat food. Pork tenderloin, however, has been found to be equally low in fat, though other pork products are often quite high in fat. Canned seafood products, such as tuna, crab, or sardines, may also be very low in fat. Such products will most likely be packed in water or some sort of acidic liquid. The canned seafood products packed in oil, while often considered more flavorful, are likely to be higher in fat.

Fruits and vegetables are often super low fat foods, often even fat free. Some vegetables, such as avocados, are high in polyunsaturated fats, which are considered health, but they are fats nonetheless. Canned fruits and vegetables are often equally low in fat when compared to fresh ones, as are pickles. Some canned fruits and vegetables may be packed in oil, which adds a bit to the fat content. This is often the case with jarred vegetables, such as artichokes, roasted red peppers, and marinaded mushrooms.

There is a difference between super low fat food and low calorie food. Often, foods higher in fat are higher in calories, but this is not always the case. Some commercial low fat products may have a high sugar content, which adds extra calories. Condiments such as salsa, ketchup, mustard, light margarine, and jams may also be low in fat or fat free, yet may contain high levels of sodium or sugar.


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