What Is Super Collagen?

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Super Collagen is a product from the company Neo Cell, which claims to utilize the structural protein collagen for one's health. Neo Cell states that their product improves the strength and health of skin, the skeletal-muscular system, the circulatory system, and even nails and hair. This product comes in two forms — type I&III and I&III plus C — and is available for purchase in health stores and online.

The second form of Super Collagen, I&III plus C, is named for its vitamin C-supplemented formula. The science behind collagen utilization is in its healing properties. Collagen is a very pliable, structurally important protein that exists naturally in most mammals and makes up 25% to 35% of the protein concentration of the entire body. It is a very strong substance that is classified into five different categories.

Collagen I is found in skin, tendons, and the vascular system. Collagen II is a primary component of cartilage. The third category of collagen is reticular, and it often found alongside collagen I. Collagen IV is used as a building block for the structural aspects of cells, and collagen V is also cell related but tends to be utilized for superficial cellular purposes.


The manufacturers of Super Collagen state that their product should not be used to replace dietary protein. Some of the advertised ways that Super Collagen claims to aid health are providing the precursor amino acids for collagen production, not strictly collagen itself. The correction of weak or rigid nail beds, lean muscle growth, and thicker hair are among the benefits that they say may come after two weeks of consistent product use.

Manufactured and sold as a powder, a single serving scoop is mixed with 6 to 8 ounces (about 177 to 237 ml) of water to make the recommended dosage for Super Collagen. It is not recommended to add milk or other supplements to the mixture as this may interfere with proper absorption. Doses may also be increased if desired, and no side effects to date have been documented regarding the use of this product.

One serving of Super Collagen contains 22 calories. No fat or cholesterol is present in Super Collagen; however, sodium and vitamin C are present in abundance. Several amino acids are also present. This product does not require a prescription and may be found in nutritional stores and on websites.


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