What Is String Bikini Underwear?

Kay Paddock

String bikinis are generally known as beachwear, with tops and bottoms that tie with strings. Standard string bikini underwear is made in a similar way, with thin strips or strings on the hips instead of wider bands of cloth. Unlike the bikini it is named after, string bikini underwear does not tie anywhere, but otherwise looks very much like the bottom half of the popular swimwear. There are different types of string bikini underwear to choose from for both men and women.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Bikini underwear is very similar to string bikini underwear with a few slight differences. Regular bikini underwear generally covers the bottom fairly well, though it may not cover as much as standard brief underwear. Coverage in the front is typically full-coverage as well, with sides that are cut high. The waistband of the underwear usually falls at about hip level, below the navel.

Most string bikini underwear usually covers a bit less because the sides are cut even higher. Strings or very thin strips of the waistband fabric often cover almost nothing on the hips. Waistbands generally fall a bit lower and closer to the pubic area than on standard bikini underwear. The back of this type of underwear generally covers as much as standard bikini-cut styles, but can also be smaller with much less coverage on the sides. Fronts can offer full-coverage or be thinner and more revealing, depending on how the underwear is cut.

There are also styles known as low-cut or double-string bikini underwear. Low-cut styles cover less in the front because the patch of fabric there falls much closer to the pubic area than the bellybutton. The side strings on these types of underwear usually come down at a sharp angle from the hips. Double-string bikini underwear sometimes offers more coverage in the front and the back because instead of one string on each side there are typically two.

Many people prefer string bikini underwear because it offers anything from full to medium coverage in the front and back, usually without creating panty lines that show through clothes. Thongs also do not create panty lines, but are made differently. String or regular thongs may be cut like string bikini underwear in the front and sides, but instead of medium to full coverage in the back, thongs feature a thin strip of material designed to fit between the buttocks. This typically prevents any kind of panty lines or wrinkles beneath clothes because the buttocks are completely bare.

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@animegal - I think that string bikini underwear is an ideal match for really low rise jeans, as the strings are much easier to tuck under denim without creating unattractive bulk. Also, you can find adjustable string bikini underwear, you just need to shop around.

The adjustable string bikini underwear works similar to an adjustable bra strap. You just slide them so that they are a perfect fit. The only problem with this kind of underwear is the fact that you really have to hand wash it. I put a pair of adjustable string bikini underwear in the laundry and it broke one of the straps. I was really ticked off because the underwear was expensive.


Is sting bikini underwear a good choice to wear with the low waist jeans?

Right now I have a few pair of jeans that sit so low that I really struggle to keep my underwear out of sight. I hate the idea of a peeking whale tail or a scrunched up mess, but I also want to be comfortable.

Frankly, string bikini underwear doesn't look that cozy, but if it stays out of sight I guess I can make due. I really don't want to have to go commando, as it is a bit gross.

Also, does string bikini underwear come with adjustable strings?

I would love the option of making the strings shorter, so they can hang lower if necessary.


I actually find that going larger, not smaller, on underwear is the best way to avoid panty lines. Bikini underwear, whether string or traditional, tend to cut right across the fattest part of the butt, leaving a nice, clear line.

What you need is for your underwear to come all the way down under your butt so that there the hem of the panties is basically in the same place as the crease where your butt meets your thighs. Guess what does that? Yep, granny panties, otherwise known as "briefs." They do make briefs these days that have more of a hip-level rise than a navel-level, so they can be worn with modern pants. Boy shorts can sometimes work, too, but they are often made of such thick cotton that they cause issues that way.

No thongs for me. They move bacteria around down there and cause infection. Yuck!

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