What is Street Fashion?

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Instead of having been styled by models on Parisian runways and designers standing in front of boards of directors, street fashion is said to have emerged from the streets. It has what is said to be grassroots in the youth culture of the most recent decade. It is not specific to one type of dressing, but instead covers a host of different styles, all unique in the fact that they were created and styled by the young people who favor them.

It is this style that has begun to influence the creators of high fashion. The tight-fitted jeans once favored only by those wearing the street fashion known as punk now are a common element in high fashion designer wear. Similarly, the hippie, loose-flowing dresses with filmy material are being redirected in the fashion set in a more demure, focused innocence.

Hip hop fashion, with its origins in street fashion, has now translated itself into a multi-billion dollar industry. While now considered an iconic style, it still continues to be a statement of the music culture from which it originated. Hip hop street clothing emerged from the African American urban movement and filtered into the music industry and was worn by many well-known recognized athletes.


Big-name designers have incorporated this fashion into their design lines. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein, among a host others, feature distinctly street fashion trends in their designs. These designers, along with others, have brought the style to another level by allowing it to influence dress and formal wear.

Japanese street fashion is largely influenced by the stretwear found in the United States. Though most of their clothing labels are produced within Japan, they are strongly influenced by trends seen abroad. Japanese fashion is dictated by the underground club scene attended by many young people. Japan's street fashions have to credit many looks to the hip hop culture.

Street fashion, though largely influenced by the trends seen worn by the youth of United States, can be noted throughout the world, as each and every culture has a youth that is desirous of making a statement. This statement is made many times by the clothes chosen to be worn by any given generation. Every decade, which produces a new crop of youth, has a markedly notable street fashion uniquely generated by it.


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