What is Street Chic?

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Street chic, also known as street fashion, is an urban style that is characterized by a relaxed yet sensual way of combining articles of clothing and accessories. This style has originated not in the great houses of fashion but instead on the streets of cities around the world. Street chic is a constantly evolving style.

An edgy style or fashion statement, street chic is individual in its prerogative. The style very much reflects the person putting it together and wearing it. Since the look is not originating from a style house, anything goes when it comes to putting together an outfit. This creates a style that is constantly evolving and one that is in no way pre-set or stagnant. It appears to be an effortless look.

While it appears effortless, street chic is all about putting together pieces that complement the person wearing them. It is about showing off a person's assets, whether it is their legs or their upper body or any other stand-out part. This style is about choosing what is in style while maintaining a sense of uniqueness.

One key to achieving the street chic look is the ability to effectively coordinate separates. For example, the look typically entails bringing together pieces that may not have been intended to be worn together but have a common color theme. A fur gilet or a military trench coat, for instance, can push an outfit over the top, going from barely there to highly noticeable.


Street chic, as its name implies, is a fashionable and attractive way of dressing. It tends toward the sophisticated and will often include traditional pieces juxtaposed with those pieces that are considered more trendy. For example, a pair of pleated shorts can be paired with a more edgy pair of stiletto booties. Alternatively, a cable-knit cardigan can be worn with a fitted shift and a pair of ankle strap heels.

One of the popular accessories to don with nearly any street chic ensemble is the across-the-body messenger bag. The messenger bag can either simply hang from the shoulder, hitting below the hip, or it can be worn as intended with the strap going diagonally across the body. These bags range in size, but their shape, which is a boxy rectangle, remains primarily the same from designer to designer.


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