What Is Stephanotis Floribunda?

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Stephanotis floribunda is a green-leaved flowering vine, originally native to the island of Madagascar and often referred to as Madagascar jasmine due to its sweet fragrance. It can be grown outdoors in the correct climate and is popular as a houseplant due to its attractive dark leaves and fragrant white flowers. Whether it is grown indoors or outdoors it requires a support such as a stake initially, and then a terrace or wire to climb along.

When growing Stephanotis floribunda outdoors, the climate needs to be considered. The plant is native to Madagascar, a tropical island situated in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Africa, and other tropical areas of Africa and Asia. It therefore requires tropical or sub-tropical conditions to survive. They need a protected, sunny spot with well-drained soil if planted outdoors. Adding rich compost to the soil will help them thrive.

While the Madagascar jasmine can survive with an average amount of water, it doesn't mind being a little drier through the winter. It may require some supplemental water in very dry areas. It will not survive very cold temperatures or frost and, if living in an area which has low winter temperatures it would be better to grow the plant in a pot indoors.


The leaves of the plant grow in pairs and are dark green and waxy and remain green all year. The Stephanotis floribunda climbs and can reach a height of 6 to 10 feet (2 – 3 m) when growing under ideal conditions. If the plant becomes overgrown, it can be pruned back carefully.

Most people keep the Stephanotis floribunda for its white, waxy, tubular flowers which may bloom prolifically during the summer months. Their beauty and fragrance are the reasons the flowers are often used in bouquets and corsages for weddings and special occasions and are sometimes referred to as Bridal Bouquet, Bridal Wreath or the Hawaiian wedding flower.

When grown in a pot indoors the plant should be kept in a warm, bright spot for optimum results, preferably in a conservatory. Again, it will need support as it is a naturally climbing plant. The Stephanotis floribunda should be planted in well-composted soil and kept moist but not over-watered. During the flowering season the fragrance of the blooms will fill any room or conservatory with their sweet scent.


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