What Is Stem Cell Cream?

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Many people use skin creams to counteract the effects aging can have on the skin. Wrinkles and dry skin typically become more prevalent the older a person gets. Stem cells can become part of any tissue in the body; these are generally thought by researchers to have many applications in medicine. One such application is their use in skin cream. Several manufacturers of stem cell cream say they include the cells, as well as other nutrients, in the products; some research has shown that the cream can help in producing new skin cells and collagen.

The cream can also stimulate the stem cells already in the skin. It sometimes reduces the prominence of wrinkles, which has been shown in some scientific research as well. There are stem cells that can remain dormant in the body until stimulated after an injury or disease, which are called endogenous. Embryonic stem cells are another kind, which can be harvested from human eggs. Some manufacturers say they often use cells of plants; these are presumed to stimulate endogenous, or adult, stem cells in people, especially in the skin.


Certain types of stem cell cream can include Vitamin A as well as Vitamin E, which are usually healthy for the skin. Another ingredient can be hyaluronic acid, which acts as a moisturizer for the inner dermal layers. Lecithin, a compound typically made of B vitamins and phosphoric acid, helps maintain the membranes of cells and is sometimes included in stem cell cream.

One manufacturer of stem cell cream generally uses a type of apple to harvest cultures. These stem cells can be suspended in liquid and grown in oxygen bioreactors before they are processed into a skin cream. Another type of cream can incorporate carbohydrates, which help skin cells grow, and a brown algae extract that sometimes stimulates stem cell growth. An anti-wrinkle and collagen-stimulating compound is typically included as well.

The development of stem cell cream has often drawn people away from potentially painful surgeries and injections. Traditional skin treatments can sometimes carry the risk of complications and results that are occasionally undesirable. The creams are generally applied to the skin without the advice or care of a physician. While some researchers support the positive properties of stem cell cream, others involved in different types of medical research often feel that such cells should be applied to more significant clinical uses.


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