What is Steel Industry Analysis?

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Steel industry analysis is the process of examining and evaluating economic conditions within the steel industry. This process includes gathering data about steel production and consumption rates by geographic region and market area. This data is then transformed into a steel industry analysis report, which steel makers and investors use to make crucial production and financial decisions. A steel industry analysis report not only helps those in this industry, but also provides vital information into the state of the overall global economy.

These analyses may be performed by hired consultants, industry professionals, or financial firms. These entities begin each analysis by gathering market data about the steel industry. This may include issuing company surveys, as well as reviewing publicly-available information such as trade records and company annual reports. By combining this data with historical steel industry data, these firms can produce a steel industry analysis report. They may present this report in trade publications, or sell it to interested parties for a fee.

Each steel industry analysis provides data about total annual steel production and demand. The report may break this information down by region, and often includes data about how demand breaks down by field or industry. Steel industry analysis reports also present pricing information and recycling rates, which are highly relevant to the steel industry. Each report may also contain historical pricing and supply information to help users spot trends within the industry.


Steel makers rely on these reports to help them determine whether to increase or decrease production each year. Industry analysis reports also alert manufacturers to opportunities within certain fields or markets. A high demand and limited supply may spur manufactures to invest in new equipment or hire new employees, while reduced demand may indicate the need to limit production. Steel industry analysis also helps these firms decide which types of steel products to focus on in order to maximize revenue.

Global steel industry analysis helps economists and financial professionals spot changing economic patterns within the market. For example, since the end of World War II, steel demand and production rates have gradually decreased in the United States, which was once a world leader in steel supply and demand. By the early 21st century, much of the world's steel production had shifted to China, which also experienced a surge in demand during this period. These types of patterns alert investors and developers to changing conditions, and can help suggest potential investment opportunities within the market.


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