What is State Terrorism?

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State terrorism is a form of terrorism committed by the government of a nation-state. This term has attracted some controversy, as it can involve fuzzy definitions and imperfect distinctions between the legitimate use of violence and intimidation and the illegitimate use of such tactics. Some nations such as Iran and Pakistan have been routinely singled out as terrorist states, but the label has been applied to a wide variety of other governments, including nations like the United States and Great Britain.

Terrorism involves the use of violence, coercion, and threats to create instability. The instability in turn can lead to social chaos, a decline in morale, and the collapse of a government or social group. When it is committed by individual actors, terrorism is usually easy to define: a suicide bomber who destroys a school to make a political statement, for example, is a terrorist. However, when one is discussing nation-states, things get a bit more complex.

When a nation undermines the legitimate government of another country, this is often treated as terrorism. If, for example, Country A sends covert troops into Country B to destabilize its government, this could be considered state terrorism, and distinct from a legitimate act of war. Surrogate terrorism, in which one nation supports another's terrorist activities, or contributes support to terrorists active in another country, is another form of terrorism. This is sometimes referred to as “state-sponsored terrorism,” because the nation-state involved takes a hands-off approach while still supporting terrorism.

One of the most famous incidences of state terrorism, the Reign of Terror in 18th century France, involved the use of terrorist tactics by a nation on its own citizens. The French government, struggling for legitimacy in a chaotic nation, attempted to keep the populace subdued with draconian and violent policies. Many dictators use similar tactics to keep their citizens in check and to prevent protesting, although these activities may not always be viewed as terrorism.

Critics of nations which tend to get heavily involved in international politics sometimes accuse these nations of state terrorism. Countries which utilize terrorist tactics to defend themselves or gain political ground may also find charges of state terrorism leveled at them, although the charges can be difficult and finicky to prove. Because there is no clear international legal definition, it is also difficult to get the United Nations involved in suspected cases.

Although it is difficult to pin down what state terrorism is, many people agree that it leads to instability worldwide, and is therefore an issue which needs to be addressed by the international community.

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Post 2

@ glasshouse- In this complicated geopolitical arena, state terrorism is hard to fight. As the article said, state terrorism is hard to prove. Finding allies who will aid a nation in doing something about these types of operations is also difficult.

The China and North Korea cyber-attacks were likely meant to be espionage attacks meant to gather some information as well as test the nation’s cyber capabilities. To be honest, the United States probably engages in this sort of operation just as often as other countries. I believe that the poorly coordinated cyber-attacks are the ones that make the news. The most effective attacks likely go undetected or unreported.

Post 1

How does the United States fend off a terror state? I hear talk about state terrorism against this country all the time, but it seems like not much is done unless it is on the magnitude of the September 11 attacks. There is probably much more that is done than the general public is aware of, but it seems like the international community doesn't hold some of these belligerent states accountable. Nothing was done after China attacked google, North Korea hacked our Government computer systems, or Iran has been caught funding anti-American terrorists.

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