What is Star Therapy?

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Star therapy is a form of alternative healing that seeks to call upon the positive energy of the universe in order to repel negative forces and restore balance to the body and mind. The general idea behind this type of treatment is that all of creation is interconnected and that the unseen energy fields surrounding heavenly bodies can be harnessed to treat a wide range of ailments. Meditation is often considered a key element in star therapy, as the discipline helps individuals to reach their essential being and put away distractions that would interfere with the flow of healing energy.

One of the benefits of star therapy is that the method can be employed in a group setting as well as with an individual. A therapist that is trained in astrology as well as the idea of energy therapy in general can help arrange the setting, including when to schedule the sessions. For some ailments, the group or family therapy may begin on a Sunday, since this is considered to be the day ruled by the sun and therefore one of the most powerful periods to call upon positive energy.


The natal chart is very important to star therapy. Understand the alignment of the stars and other heavenly bodies at the time of birth is claimed to aid in identifying the underlying causes for the buildup of negative energy within the individual. By understanding the origins of what is oppressing the body and mind, it is possible to plan out where to pull positive energy that can be used to diffuse the negative and free the person from his or her personal bondage.

Crucial to the progress of star therapy is the meditation that begins the sessions and also is used throughout the process. With both individual and family therapy, the group leader or therapist settles all participants into a comfortable position. Some will use soft music in the background to help establish a sense of calm within the space. Incense or scented candles may also add to the sense of pulling away from the world and preparing to connect with the universe.

During the meditation, the group leader will guide participants in clearing their minds of everyday concerns and any other thoughts that may be considered negative and therefore a hindrance to the flow of positive energy. Once the participants are relaxed and their minds are clear, their attention is gently guided toward healing energy. This involves envisioning the sun and asking for healing energy in the form of light to settle and guide each person involved in the meditation. The moon is also considered and addressed in a similar manner. Finally, each individual begins to meditate on the bodies relevant to his or her particular ailments and seek healing energy from those bodies.

For the most part, a star therapy session will normally take at least a half-hour. However, guided sessions may last longer if the participants or the therapist believe the additional time would be beneficial. The daily meditations will continue anywhere from a couple of weeks to months, depending on the nature of the physical or emotional complaints of the individual.

Like many types of alternative healing, star therapy has its proponents and detractors. Those who claim to have experienced healing with this combination of psychotherapy and spiritual guidance describe the therapy as one of the most important ways to regain and maintain the proper balance between the temporal and the spiritual. Critics of the therapeutic practice claim that star therapy is nothing more than a slight mixture of physiotherapy with a fa├žade of faith based thinking as a framework. At present, there is no scientific research that has proved the efficacy of star therapy.


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Doesn't say how much a session usually costs. Not so sure if I'd waste the money when it just seems like meditation with someone telling you to think about Saturn.

But to each his own I guess, then again, mind over matter and all that-if you think it works then it very well could.

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