What Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

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Stainless steel wire mesh is a type of wire product that is utilized in a number of applications. The mesh may include a very fine weave or one that is somewhat open, depending on the type of function the product is designed to fulfill. Sometimes known as Dutch wire cloth, most forms of the mesh are designed to be easy to trim for specific uses while also providing a reasonable level of durability.

Stainless steel mesh is often used to make fireplace screens.
Stainless steel mesh is often used to make fireplace screens.

The uses of stainless steel wire mesh often focus on situations in which there is a need to maintain some degree of visibility once the mesh is in position. Owing to the weave of the mesh, it is possible to use the product in warehouses and manufacturing situations as a means of protecting machinery and or supplies from unauthorized use. At the same time, the mesh does not inhibit the ability to check inventory levels when and as needed.

Diagonal pliers can be used for cutting steel wire mesh.
Diagonal pliers can be used for cutting steel wire mesh.

Along with visibility, stainless steel wire mesh also provides the ability to allow for airflow in any area where the mesh is installed. Depending on the pattern, there may be little to no impedance in the flow of air at all. This can be important on a production floor when there is a need to allow the air to freely circulate in order to keep machinery at a constant temperature.

The fineness of the pattern found on the stainless steel wire mesh can also help to reduce the distribution of airborne elements, especially in textile plants. This can help to reduce contamination when different lots and merges of fibers or materials are in production on machinery that is in close proximity. A fine pattern can easily capture any off-fly that may develop during the fiber processing, not allowing the airborne elements to be trapped in the spinning or twisting of fibers on nearby machine frames. The end result is that the strategic placement of the stainless steel wire mesh helps to minimize the production of second quality goods that must be sold at reduced prices.

Stainless steel wire mesh can also be used in the creation of goods for use in the home and even in municipal and commercial buildings. It is not unusual for the mesh to be utilized in the manufacture of screens that are placed around fireplaces, or to provide caps for chimneys. In building construction, the mesh can be installed over insulation sheeting, helping to secure the sheets into position and reduce the potential to damage or shifting of those sheets. While durable, the mesh can easily be cut to fit any application, using nothing more complicated than a pair of wire cutters.

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