What is Stainless Steel Contact Paper?

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Contact paper, the self-adhesive vinyl film that has been used since the early 1950s to cover shelves, line drawers, and enhance various other household and craft projects is available in a variety of decorative finishes including stainless steel. Stainless steel contact paper is applied the same way as any other form of contact paper, but is printed with a faux finish that mimics the look of stainless steel.

This contact paper can be used to cover myriad surfaces, but is commonly used for projects in the kitchen. With stainless steel finishes on kitchen appliances, accessories with a matching finish have also become popular. Though it was once reserved for commercial and medical grade interiors, stainless steel, especially brushed stainless steel, marks the modern kitchen of the new millennium. Stainless steel contact paper can be used to transform kitchen accessories to match existing modern finishes or to create the look of stainless steel on surfaces needing a facelift.

The benefit of using stainless steel contact paper is primarily cost. It is economical and can be used in a variety of applications. Some examples of kitchen projects using this contact paper include resurfacing trashcans, cabinet doors, canisters, and exposed shelves or surfaces. In some project examples from various manufacturers, resurfacing a refrigerator has been a suggested use, though this would seem a difficult project to undertake.

Like other contact papers, stainless steel varieties have a printed grid on the adhesive backing for precise cutting measurements. Some manufacturers sell their product in predetermined widths and lengths and others allow custom lengths to be ordered. Prices vary, but average about $1.00 US Dollar per square foot. In addition to stainless steel finishes, other faux finishes, including copper, brick, leather, and brass, are available.

Though the use of stainless steel contact paper is a popular choice for kitchen and bath projects, the project possibilities are not limited to these realms alone. Pretty much anything you can cover with contact paper can be enhanced with faux finish paper like the stainless steel versions.

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Post 3

If I wanted to make a stainless steel pipe rod for my towels, but without actually using a pipe, could I use this kind of contact paper?

Post 2

I once tried to use stainless steel material sheets on my refrigerator, and it was not a good outcome -- maybe I just got cheap ones or something, but all my sheets ended up looking wrinkly and cheap, which really harmed the aesthetic of my kitchen. I would recommend getting somebody with experience to apply those things, as they can be very tricky to use.

Post 1

Does anyone know where to buy stainless steel look contact paper around San Francisco?

I want to make my counter tops match my stainless steel pans, but I can't find a good supplier.

I would also love any tips you all might have on using stainless steel contact paper for appliances, as I want to make my whole kitchen match.

Thank you!

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