What is Sports Consulting?

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Sports consulting could mean a number of different things, depending on one's specialty and the area of concern. Generally speaking, sports consulting is the business of helping a sports team function and run as a business. Issues may include site management, human resources, acquisitions and other such things.

While it may not seem like it when a fan is watching his favorite team play, he is not watching a bunch of guys having fun, but he is rather watching a business function. While those on the field or court are called athletes, they are actually business associates that function in a complex world. While their role is not to worry about the accounting books, all members have a responsibility to the bottom line.

This is why sports consulting is so important. It is no longer accurate to call sports a multi-billion dollar business around the world. Its influence and economic power run into the trillions of dollars. Many times, in order to be successful, there has to be a comprehensive plan that focuses not only on team development, but public relations, site management, government regulations and many other areas. Accomplishing all that can become overwhelming. This is where sports consulting can help.


There are sports consulting firms that specialize specifically in dealing with business law as it relates to sports. The consultants in these cases are actually lawyers who advise clients on legal issues. For example, if a person decides to purchase a sports franchise, there are a myriad of issues that can come up when more than $1 billion US Dollars (USD) changes hands. These lawyers make sure their clients' best interests are taken care of.

Some sports consulting firms may specialize in the design and location of new facilities, such as stadiums and arenas. In these cases, they may put on an extensive public relations campaign and work closely with various levels of government to get a package approved. Most arenas are the result of both public and private money, making such comprehensive approaches necessary.

In some cases, a sports consulting firm may deal with the athletes themselves. Some work with college teams, helping schools keep their athletes in school and academically eligible. Others may offer some sports psychology services. Others yet may advise athletes on future plans, helping them understand they are also a part of the business and should be seen as a valuable asset.

No matter what a sports consulting firm does, or even if they do all of the things mentioned above, the bottom line is to treat the sports team as a business. When there are billions of dollars at stake, the charge assessed by such a firm may be considered a great bargain. The overall goal is to increase performance, not only of the team itself, but of the business operation in general.


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Is a sports consultant different from a sports agent? They seem to include the same types of responsibilities, though agents tend to represent one particular player as opposed to an entire team.

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