What Is Spiritual Metaphysics?

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Although the exact scope of metaphysics is debatable, spiritual metaphysics refers to study of metaphysical concepts, events and emotions connected to a person's spirit. It is a philosophy that seeks to explain how people connect to the world and is guided by the belief in one or more larger spirits or forces. People typically go through activities such as meditation to learn about spiritual metaphysics and who they are, with formal spiritual counseling being another option.

To understand spiritual metaphysics, a person first must grasp what basic metaphysics is. Metaphysics refers to the study of anything beyond the realm of physical reality. Very broadly defined, it is philosophy that seeks to answer what things are, what they are like, and why they exist. Under this definition, even something such as the creative process could be described as metaphysical, so what metaphysics encompasses is an area of fierce debate and is not easily constrained.

Spiritual metaphysics, as the title implies, is metaphysical study that focuses on a person's spirit or soul. It also looks at other beings, such as angels or gods, and the connection a person's spirit has with those beings. Loosely, spiritual metaphysics investigates the connections individuals have with everything. It is the "science" that asks about the meaning of life and which tries to determine what affects spiritual wellness.


One of the primary principles of spiritual metaphysics is that an ultimate metaphysical source exists that serves as the basis for the entire body of creation. Often this source is depicted or accepted as a god or set of gods, but this is not always the case. Some individuals simply seek to connect to the energy of the world or universe. In any case, people accept that everything that comes into existence is related to something bigger than themselves. In having a relationship with this larger spirit or concept, individuals seek to grow, develop and understand themselves, even though they can see that some humility is fitting given their position in such a huge network of creatures and things.

Another idea behind spiritual metaphysics is reflection or mirroring. This concept says that anything a person does or feels about himself gets mirrored back to him. For example, if a person is kind to others, others will be kind to him. This demonstrates that people have an effect on their environment and other individuals. Reflection is perhaps best embodied in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, who stated that people should be the change they want to see in the world.

The concept of mirroring has led to this type of metaphysics being a tool for behavioral and emotional change. Formal spiritual counseling is available that helps people learn who they are and how they can become who they want to be. Much of this counseling focuses on being open to greater forces and new possibilities, teaching the individual how to be spiritually free to pursue new paths.

Spiritual metaphysics is not a true science. Even so, some individuals compare spiritual metaphysics study to research, as the entire idea is to learn about the self and the connections to other people and things. In most cases, the "research" that occurs in spiritual metaphysics is meditation, review of religious or spiritual texts, or similar activities such as prayer.


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