What is Spiritual Consciousness?

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It is believed humans have the ability to manage their minds, bodies, and spirit. Spiritual consciousness is the ability to manage and understand the true spirit within the human body. This is obtained through meditation and breathing techniques that calm the chaos of everyday life.

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on spiritual consciousness. This is accomplished through breathing techniques that focus on calming the inner spirit. Deep breathing exercises begin with concentration techniques designed to focus on each breath. After a few minutes, the individual begins to relax his mind and become one with his internal spirit.

Martial arts are exercise programs that have a strong base in the realm of spiritual consciousness. An experienced martial artist works on both the physical and mental aspects of health. When an individual becomes aware of his internal spirit, it makes him stronger and more prepared for adverse situations in life.

Deep breathing exercises are the best method to quickly learn about spiritual consciousness. These exercises can be performed easily within the comfort of one’s home. To execute deep breathing, an individual should relax and take several deep breaths lasting approximately five seconds in duration. Each breath should be monitored with a two-second inhale and a three seconds exhale.


Hinduism is a religion based on internal piece and spiritual consciousness. It has been practiced for centuries in many eastern cultures. Practitioners of Hinduism find internal piece through hours of meditation. Typically this meditation is accomplished with breathing and chanting techniques.

True spiritual consciousness is an understanding of the internal power of human beings with the elements of the world. This is often termed as “oneness” with the universe. It is obtained by focusing on the spiritual gifts that each individual has to offer. Knowing these attributes makes it easier for people to understand their feelings and emotions throughout life.

“Chi” is a term used to describe the internal life force of human beings. This spiritual consciousness is used in ancient eastern cultures to produce healing powers. An individual who practices this art can feel his life force power throughout his body. He can learn to focus this energy to promote healing and strength.

An individual who has mastered the power of true spiritual consciousness can perform amazing acts. Many advanced practitioners have been seen walking on beds of fire or glass with no injuries. This “chi” power is also be used in eastern cultures to generate heat treatments for sore muscles.


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