What Is Spinach Roulade?

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A spinach roulade is a dish which uses spinach and is rolled. Classically, this dish consists of an egg sponge that is wrapped around a filling of cooked spinach. This forms a roulade that is shaped like a log, which is cut into slices before it is served. A versatile dish, spinach roulade can be made out of many different ingredients and can use spinach in the filling, the outer layer, or both.

Though there are countless varieties of spinach roulade, this dish is based on the principles of French cooking and often uses ingredients typical of France. Roulade is a French word which means "rolled" and can refer to any food that is rolled. There are many traditional French recipes for spinach roulade as well as more modern recipes that use non-traditional ingredients. The versatility of this dish allows it to be adapted to many different tastes and dietary restrictions.


There are many different recipes that can be used to make the filling for spinach roulade. Plain spinach can be used, though adding other ingredients such as onions, garlic, butter, or seasonings will give the filling more flavor. The filling needs to be cooked before it is made into a roll, and it is typically sauteed until soft. In addition to spinach, a number of complimentary ingredients can be added to the spinach roulade in order to give it more flavor. Salmon, creme cheese, and vegetables are commonly mixed in with the spinach filling or layered into the roulade.

Once the filling has been assembled and cooked, it needs to be layered onto a substance that can be rolled. An egg sponge is commonly used because the flavor of the egg compliments the spinach and can be easily rolled around the spinach filling. It is also possible to make a spinach roulade using a layer of savory cake that has enough flexibility not to crumble when rolled. In some recipes, chopped up spinach is added to this layer of the roulade which may then be filled with other ingredients.

After the outer portion and the inner portion of the roulade are assembled, it is rolled up. Most recipes call for the roll to be cooked again, though often for only a few minutes. After this second baking, the roulade is cut and served in slices.


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