What Is Soy Cereal?

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Soy cereal is a popular breakfast cereal that includes soy protein as an important ingredient. Soy protein is extracted from soybeans and is notable for containing the nine necessary amino acids that the human body requires for maintaining good health. Apart from being a rich protein source, soy cereal is generally free of cholesterol and low in fat content, and, as a result, it can be generally recommended for people with cholesterol problems. Soy cereal is also excellent for people on a diet or those with weight issues, as the high content of fiber in the cereal products reduces hunger pangs. Soy proteins are often included in kids' cereal to reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Since soy protein contains antioxidants known as isoflavones which are good for the functioning of the kidneys, soy cereal is considered a safe and healthy cereal for people with chronic kidney disease. As with all diets for people with chronic conditions, however, it is advisable to consult a physician before eating soy-based cereal products on a regular basis. Recent research indicates that consuming soy protein may help reduce the risk of cancer, particularly that of prostate cancer and breast cancer. The isoflavones in soy protein are also known to protect against osteoporosis and have been found to be beneficial for people with diabetes.


Given the varied benefits of soy, many whole grain and regular cereal products now include soy protein to make for a more healthy cereal. The presence of soy protein in the soy cereal is usually indicated on the box, and may be listed variously as soy concentrate, bits, grits, isoflavones, flakes, and so on. It will help to check if the soy cereal products come with natural or artificial sweeteners. The products with natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup and other natural fruit concentrates are generally recommended over the ones with artificial sweeteners.

The kids' cereal may come in different colors and shapes, and also in different flavors like chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry, apple, maple and so on. The cereal may also come with healthy additions like raisins, bananas, apples, walnut and flaxseed. Just like the usual homemade cereal, the soy cereal can be served as hot cereal or as cold cereal, with the addition of warm or cold water, milk or soymilk. It may also be baked in an oven or eaten plain.


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