What is Solid Vinyl Flooring?

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Solid vinyl flooring is a floor covering option that is made with a blend of fillers, vinyl resins, and stabilizing agents that help to provide a smooth surface that is attractive and easy to maintain. The nature of vinyl flooring is enhanced by the fact that it is possible to add a wide range of colors to the finished product. This makes it possible to create all sorts of patterns that will fit into just about every decorating theme for any room.

Many people see vinyl floors as an excellent option for rooms where carpeting is not desirable, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. The durable construction of plastic flooring in general, and the vinyl floor in particular, make it ideal for resisting water stains. In addition, solid vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain with routine care.

There are several other advantages to the use of solid vinyl flooring around the house. Many types of solid vinyl flooring are relatively inexpensive, making it possible to have an attractive look for the floor without spending a great deal of money. Second, the installation of solid vinyl flooring is relatively easy; there is not necessarily any reason to call in a professional. Last, simple mopping is often all that is required to keep the solid vinyl flooring looking new for a number of years.


Since the product is available in square tiles that often include a self-adhering backing, all that is required is an even floor that has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. The tiles can easily be cut if necessary. Homeowners can also opt to make use of larger sheets of solid vinyl flooring as well, which will speed up the installation process a great deal.

Of course, there are a couple of characteristics of solid vinyl flooring that may not be desirable. While there are vinyl floor patterns that resemble the look of wood, most consumers agree that the finished look is not all that authentic. People who are concerned about the effects of chemicals in the home may prefer to use a floor covering other than solid vinyl flooring, as some products are understood to give off small amounts of gases. As a result, solid vinyl flooring may not be the right choice for everyone.


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