What Is Software Deployment?

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Software deployment is when a program goes from being just coding in an assembler program — software made to help programmers make other software — to being a program used by a consumer. After the programming is made into an executable file, the software deployment procedure also should have an install program that helps people install the program and obfuscation to protect the programmer. Most programs have icons that will be specified during deployment. Without deployment, users would need the same assembler the programmer used to make the program, which could make software inconvenient to use.

When someone makes a program, he does so in an assembler program in which a coding language is used to build the functions and features of the software. During this time, the programmer can test the program and change the coding, but the program is not yet appropriate for consumer use. After the programmer is sure the program is ready to be deployed, the assembler program performs software deployment by making the programming into an executable file, or one that can be double-clicked for use.

The assembler assists with the initial software deployment and normally builds an install program on top of the executable file so the consumer can install the program on his computer. Without installation, the program could not integrate with the computer. Most programmers also use code obfuscation, meaning the programming turns into meaningless symbols that cannot be changed or duplicated, so people cannot copy or alter the program.


Another part of software deployment is the creation and use of icons. While icons technically are not needed to make a program, they often are considered more professional and tend to make the program look better. This includes icons used in the program and any images used for the file’s icon on the desktop. The icons usually are made with little detail to require little memory, making processing and opening the program easier.

If software deployment did not exist, then using software could be very inconvenient for many users. When deployment is properly used, the program will work on a computer as long as it has the correct hardware and operating system. Without deployment, users would need to have the same assembler as the programmer so the coding could be properly opened. This would force users to buy the assembler, and many different assemblers might be needed, based on different programmers’ preferences.


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