What Is Soft Human Resource Management?

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Just like the term seems to suggest, human resource management refers to the various methods that are applied toward the effective management of the human elements of an organization. The proper application of human resources management is vital to the success of an organization, a factor that is included in the reason why organizations expend a lot of effort and resources toward the effective realization of human management goals. As such, the idea of soft human resource management is a strategic method of overseeing the employees in an organization, which is geared toward greater integration of the employees into the affairs of the organizations as opposed to a more autocratic and impersonal process of management. The main difference between soft and hard human resource management is that the soft method strives to ensure that employees are treated in manner that is consistent with the recognition and acknowledgement by the management that such employees have something of value to contribute to the organizations and should be treated accordingly.


The soft human resource management method is built on the foundation of recognizing the value that the human capital represents to the business and the further efforts by the management to ensure that the individuals understand that they are appreciated for their contributions to the organization. This soft human resource management is indeed a strategic method of human resource management that is related to the attempt by the company to get the best out of their employees. Such a practice is derived from simple psychology that makes it clear that people will be more willing to perform more when they know that the company values them in their individual capacities rather than treating them as part of the office furniture, or in a faceless manner.

For instance, when employees are aware of this value that the management places on their individual efforts toward the attainment of the corporate goals in the company, they will be willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in reciprocation of this high regard. On the other hand, when the employees feel that their contributions are not valued so far as they do what they are supposed to do, they will be likely to only do what is expected of them and nothing beyond. As such, the application of the soft human resource management can be a tool for increasing employee productivity.


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