What is so Great About a Bubble Bath?

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Asking what is so great about a bubble bath is like asking what is so great about a breeze on a crisp spring day or the smell of fresh laundry right off the clothesline. These are all visceral experiences which give us a momentary lift from our ordinary experiences. For many of us, our earliest childhood memories circle around that mysterious powder which turned routine bathing into an exciting bubble bath. The thought of generating all that foam and creating our own private seascape was a thrill in itself.

As adults, we tend to see showering and bathing as perfunctory. We don't ease into a bubble bath at the end of the day. Instead, we 'run' or 'hop' into the bathroom for a quick shower. Every once in a while we might opt for a slower bath, but bathing in general has become more of a personal hygiene chore than a soothing reward. The prospect of a good bubble bath can help re-establish our earlier sense of relaxation around bath time.

For parents, a bubble bath can provide enough incentive for children to bathe regularly. A shower may be far too complicated for small children, while a regular bath may not sound very appealing. With the addition of soap bubble bath powder and a few toys, however, the act of cleaning oneself may become habitual. Parents can also be assured that the soapy foam of a bubble bath will remove surface dirt without harsh detergents or skin irritants.


Bubble bath soaps designed for adults often contain a tantalizing blend of herbal essences, oils and natural fragrances. Combined with the stress-reducing heat of the bath water, these bubble bath soaps can reinvigorate the skin and provide a form of aromatherapy. The cleansing foam also allows bathers to be more passive -- a good bubble bath doesn't have to involve scrub brushes and exfoliating cloths. Sometimes a good long soak in a bubble bath restores piece of mind faster than the frenetic energy of a shower.

For a nostalgic escape from the stressful adult world, try tossing a cup of Mr. Bubble in your next bath. While you're at it, create a foam beard or a floating island. No one will know.


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Post 4

I think you (and many marketers) have exaggerated the cleaning effect of bath foam on skin. Bubble bath water is a lot more dilute detergent solution than soap lather is.

Post 3

@MrsPramm - I like buying my own because the smell is really important to me. Sometimes I feel like vanilla, sometimes I feel like ylang ylang. Sometimes I just want to get a good night's sleep and then I bust out the lavender bubble bath.

Although I try not to have more than one or two baths per week, since it's supposed to be much more wasteful than using the shower.

Post 2

@bythewell - I've never really thought about it. I don't even really think of it as a childish thing. I just really like having bubbles in the bath.

Although I don't use the same kind of bubbles that I would have as a kid. I can remember getting those candy scented bubble bath bottles that were in the shapes of cartoon characters or sea animals.

These days I usually use a bath bomb from a body store, or something like that. I've found that people seem to default to bath products when they don't know what you get you (at least, if you are female they do) and so I never seem to have to buy my own bubble bath.

Post 1

I actually always thought that the bubbles helped to keep the water hot for longer by keeping the heat from rising too much. I have no idea if that's based on any kind of reality, it just seemed like a good way to justify having bubbles.

They do give you something to do while you're soaking though. I tend to get a bit bored in the bath if I don't have some bubbles to play with.

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