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Slow Cow® is a beverage designed to help people relax and eliminate stress. It may also help increase concentration and improve memory function. The drink contains eight main ingredients that may all offer these benefits. Despite the name of the drink, the product is not supposed to make a person sleepy. It has been marketed as the exact opposite of many popular energy drinks on the market. This drink was created in Canada by Lino Fleury and released in 2009.

Some of the ingredients in Slow Cow® that may be responsible for its potential to relax a person are L-Theanine, chamomile, and passiflora. It also contains valerian, hops, and linden. L-Theanine may be the ingredient with the most relaxing effects. It is an amino acid typically found in tea that may promote relaxation, concentration, and additionally help boost the immune system. There are about 100 mg of L-Theanine in a Slow Cow® drink.

The other ingredients in Slow Cow® help to increase the effectiveness of the L-Theanine. Chamomile may increase feelings of relaxation, passiflora may have anti-depressant effects, and valerian may help ward off anxiety and mood swings. Hops could be useful for counteracting the effects of caffeine, which usually makes people feel jittery and nervous. Linden may help fight insomnia as well as lower high blood pressure.


Slow Cow® also contains potassium and sodium, which might also contribute to other possible benefits of the drink. Sodium, which is essentially salt, can prevent a person from becoming fatigued after exercising, and it also could help lower blood pressure. Potassium is known for aiding in improved kidney and adrenal gland function. It also contains sucralose as a sweetener and both natural and artificial citrus punch for added flavor.

Many people who have tried Slow Cow® claim that it does make them feel more relaxed while increasing concentration, and this may be beneficial for students who are nervous about upcoming exams. Some students may prefer this drink to popular energy drinks because it may not make them feel jittery in addition to being more focused. Even though the product is not supposed to make a person sleepy, some people say that it does help them sleep better. Despite the warning, there may still be a chance that the drink could make a person feel sleepy. Until a person is used to the drink and the effect it has on them, it may be wise for him or her to avoid driving or participating in any other potentially dangerous activity.


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Post 3

I saw a comment about slow cow anti energy drink on a blog and I have been trying to find out just how good it is and what it is supposed to do. I do know that the drinks cost more than I imagined. I wouldn't want to buy them unless I was pretty sure they were going to do what they claim to do. A good cup of herb tea might be a better way to go.

Post 2

@Animandel - I had a slow cow drink at a friend's party. I didn't know what it was at the time, but someone said it was great and would make me feel relaxed. I gave it a try. It tasted fine to me. I'm not crazy about carbonated drinks, so that was something I could have done without, but it was a nice blue color and tasted okay.

I can't say how much it relaxed me, but it didn't hype me up like some of those drinks with tons of caffeine in them. I don't know of any stores where you can buy slow cow energy drinks, but I do know you can buy them online. You just order them and they will be shipped to you.

Post 1

Sometimes I get really stressed out and over tired to the point that it is hard for me to calm down and relax. I have heard about this slow cow anti energy drink, and after reading this article I would like to give it a try and see how it works for me. The problem is I have never seen the drink in a store. Does anyone know how you can get the drink? Where is it sold?

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