What is Slide Show Presentation Software?

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Slide show presentation software is a type of computer program that allows the user to create slide shows featuring text, images, sound, and any other information, for the purpose of presenting it to a person or group. Slide shows allow information to be communicated quickly and easily, allowing viewers to get both textual and visual representation of information. It also allows the presenter the opportunity to view talking points right on the screen instead of needing to memorize all of the information.

Slide show presentation software allows the user to import data that is then automatically or manually arranged into slides, depending on the settings chosen. There is a great deal of control over the appearance of slide shows when using this type of software, and users are able to change the background appearance, fonts and colors, animations and sounds, and even the method in which the slides are changed, among many other options. Using a slide show can make a simple speech much more engaging and interesting for the audience.


For a lecture at a university, slide show presentation software can make it easier for students to take notes. The professor might place main points on each slide, and then discuss them further during the lecture. This helps the students focus on the important information, learn to take notes, and learn to listen carefully while information is being presented. For specialty classes, such as art or design classes, it might also be helpful to have a visual of a specific piece of art on a slide during the lecture. Moreover, if desired, the speaker may even make the slideshow file available to members of the audience so that it may be viewed again, as desired.

Companies often use slide show presentation software during group meetings for similar reasons. It is easy to outline and share the most important information through slides. Additionally, the speaker then is able to go at his or her own pace while switching the slides at the touch of a button.

Though slide show presentation software is frequently used in the educational field and in the business world, it can easily be employed for personal use as well. For example, using slide show presentation software to create a show of vacation photos, birthday or graduation photos, or a set of holiday pictures could be a nice way to share photos with friends and family, or distant relatives who do not get a chance to see the family very often. An attractive background and some music could be added to make it even more special.


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