What is Skin Discoloration Cream?

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Men and women often use skin discoloration cream in order to lighten the appearance of imperfections of the skin. This cosmetic is designed to reduce or eliminate the effects of sun damage or blemishes. Freckles, discoloration, and other unwanted markings on the skin can also be hidden by applying this cream.

Age spots are often treated by skin discoloration cream. Conditions like melasma, the presence of dark blemishes that are caused by sun damage, can be treated with these remedies as well. Discoloration cream known as banishing cream is often used to treat cases of scarring caused by frequent or severe acne. Many discoloration creams also serve as moisturizers.

Some types of skin discoloration cream are formatted to help lighten the skin. Skin whitening can be achieved by skin lightening lotion or skin whitening cream. This cosmetic whitening is most often employed by people who have darkened spots due to skin damage. Many people who wish to alter the shade of their natural skin tone utilize skin lightening products as well.

Skin discoloration cream often works by reducing or suppressing the body's production of melanin. This is the pigmentation that gives the skin its color. Tyrosinase, an enzyme that also helps determine skin color, may be affected by skin discoloration cream as well. Other products work by bleaching the skin, which also reduces its pigmentation.


Many health concerns and controversies surround using skin whitening products. Several of the ingredients used to achieve the whitened appearance have been found to be harmful to humans. Mercury and hydroquinone, both toxic chemicals, are found in many whitening products. Skin irritation, mercury poisoning, kidney failure, and liver damage can occur when these products are used too frequently. Sensitivity to sunlight can also be a side effect.

Several other ingredients are commonly found in skin discoloration treatments. Vitamin E and alpha hydroxy acid are often included. Sunscreen is another helpful additive that may help reduce sensitivity to light during treatment.

Physicians recommend that people who use skin discoloration cream stop treatment once the desired effects are achieved. Most also warn against bleaching large areas of skin, and advise that only small patches of discoloration be treated in order to engage in safe whitening. Like other whitening treatments, such as hair and teeth bleaching, skin lightening can take weeks to work. Most treatments are successful within four to six weeks, though larger areas may take up to six months for full results.


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