What Is Skateboard Clothing?

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Skateboard clothing is made to be worn while a person skates, so it is very casual, slightly baggy, and durable. Clothes for skaters are usually made by a few brands that are well known in the skating community. The styles of skateboard clothing are similar but slightly different for men and women. While the clothes for both sexes are very casual and usually consist of t-shirts and jeans, women's skating clothing tends to be more fitted.

The most important piece of clothing for skaters may be their sneakers. Skateboarding can wreak havoc on a pair of shoes, so skateboard sneakers are usually made of thick suede with thick rubber soles for gripping the board. The shoes usually have a lot of padding so the foot doesn't get too scraped up if a skater falls while doing a trick. Canvas skateboarding shoes do exist, such as the classic lace-up or slip-on styles, but these are usually worn more for style than during skating. Skateboard shoes can be as stylish as they are practical and usually come in a wide range of colors and designs.


Skateboard clothing also includes jeans and other casual pants, such as corduroys and shorts. Shorts worn by skaters tend to be long, below the knees for guys and to the knees for women. While at one time skaters were known for wearing extremely wide-leg jeans, they now tend to wear skateboard clothing that's a little more fitted. Some skaters even like to wear skinny jeans. The fabric of the pants is more important than the cut, as a skater needs the denim or corduroy to provide some protection if he should fall.

Skaters are also usually known for wearing t-shirts or hoodies with the logo of various skateboarding companies screened on them. The shirts can be very baggy and loose fitting or cut close to the body. Other popular skateboard clothing styles include plaid flannel shirts and striped polos.

Those who skate are also very stylish in their choice of accessories. During the colder months, skateboarders will wear knit skull caps or beanies. Just as baseball fans may wear a cap with their team's logo on it, so skateboarders will wear a hat with the logo of their favorite skate company on it. Other popular accessories for skaters include leather belts with metal studs, backpacks with patches, and oversized vintage-inspired sunglasses.


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