What is Site Design?

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Site design for blogs, businesses and informational websites can be a major factor in the success of the site. Many people now hire professional website design companies to create websites that will be user-friendly and attractive. The world of site design is part artistry, part business sense, and can be part of a lucrative career for talent website builders.

With literally millions of websites to choose from on the internet, a well-designed site is meant to draw users in. Common considerations include ease of use and attractiveness. Site visitors need to be able to quickly understand what a site offers and how to navigate the various pages of the website. Experts in site design can make simple, fully comprehensible websites that are fully customizable for any client's needs.

One of the major decisions to be made about site design considers what kind of graphics should be used. Flash graphics, such as slide shows or moving images, can be pretty, but may not be accessible to all users. Slow or older computers may not be able to open a website with a lot of Flash content, which can cause a site to lose a lot of business. Well-taken photographs of products may be a more user-friendly type of graphics. To increase the professional look of a website, any graphics should be in focus and accurate representations of the photographed object.


Site design can include a multitude of options to help the website owner monitor and run their online portals. Many site design experts can install counters, which record not only the amount of visitors to a web page, but also what links they clicked on and how long they stayed on each page. Security features are also frequently incorporated into site design, in order to help protect client information and can make website users feel more safe when handing over payment information.

Because a website is essentially a one-stop shop for users, good websites must advertise, accurately depict, and sell their products all from one place. A key aspect of site design is the ability to seamlessly integrate elements so that customers can move from learning about a product to choosing an item to purchasing it in easy, simple steps. For this, an expert in site design must not also be technically adept at building a site, he or she must also understand how to lay out design elements artistically and cleanly. Frustrating or confusing a user with overcomplicated layouts is likely to alienate them and make them leave the website unsatisfied.

Before choosing a site design firm, look carefully at their portfolio to see what type of websites they design. Get onto a computer and visit sites made by the firm, to check whether they are easy to use, pleasant to look at, and simple to understand. This process can also help determine what features are desired by a client and simplify communication between the designer and the customer.

Using do-it-yourself books or web templates, it is also quite simple to build a basic website without assistance. Many blog communities offer free website space to build a personal site, and can even give tutorials and design templates to help create a personalized site. Designing a site without professional assistance can be cost-effective and fun, particularly for blogging, family websites, or non-commercial sites.


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The website design determines everything about the site—from content to how the user will navigate through its pages. The design stage is the process of conceptualizing and structure of the site. It’s easy to think of the site design as a tree. The branches are the pages and the twigs are subpages. Novices can do a lot more nowadays than they once could. Site templates are compelling and can be altered enough to make them appear highly personalized. Even flash and other animations can be added with very little web know-how.

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