What is Sinus Buster&Reg; Nasal Spray?

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Sinus Buster® Nasal Spray is a therapeutic spray that is purported to relieve sinus pain and pressure. Its creators suggest that the main active ingredient, capsaicin, may promote healthy nasal passages. The spray ingredients are said to be all natural and contain medicinal qualities. The liquid is sprayed into the nostril from a metered dose pump bottle.

Natural remedies such as this nasal spray typically use ingredients found in nature to address health issues. This nasal spray claims to use capsaicin and eucalyptol as its main beneficial ingredients. These two chemicals are most often derived from plants. They have been used in other products that potentially treat irritation and inflammation similar to sinus pressure.

The key ingredient of Sinus Buster® Nasal Spray is capsaicin, the main heat-producing chemical found in hot peppers. This chemical has long been used in topical ointments for muscle pain. Not only does it stimulate the nerves under the skin to create a warm, tingling sensation that may reduce pain, but it also promotes vascular blood flow, which may speed healing to the treated area.

The capsaicin in the spray may affect the lining of the sinuses in a similar manner. The heat and increased blood flow to the nasal cavities may reduce inflammation caused by allergies, chronic rhinitis, or sinus infection. The spray is also purported to reduce nasal congestion by promoting the drainage of mucous.


The other active ingredient in Sinus Buster® Nasal Spray is eucalyptol. This chemical is derived from the eucalyptus plant. Eucalyptus oil is often found in topical ointments that give off vapors used to relieve cold symptoms. The vapors from these ointments are thought to open congested sinuses and reduce coughing.

The eucalyptol in Sinus Buster® Nasal Spray may provide similar soothing vapors to help open constricted sinuses. If the spray is able to force the eucalyptol into the nasal cavities, the chemical may have a good chance to work on the congested areas directly. This could potentially relieve sinus pressure and pain.

Other ingredients in Sinus Buster® Nasal Spray include ascorbic acid, purified water, rosemary extract, sea salt, and vegetable glycerin. Some variations on the product contain grapefruit seed oil as well. The creators of the nasal spray suggest that it is safe and not habit forming because the ingredients in it are all natural, and most of them are found in common food items.


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Post 3

@SarahGen-- I tried this nasal spray because my roommate convinced me that it has less than .1% capsaicin and that it wouldn't do me harm.

Boy was I wrong. This product made me feel like my nasal passage was on fire. If someone had sprayed pepper spray into my nose, I think that's what it would feel like.

I understand it's an all natural sinus treatment and some people might be able to tolerate the side effects for its benefits. But this is not a product that I can use, it causes more problems than my sinus infection.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- Yes, I discovered this gem of a product several months ago and have been using it since. It doesn't irritate the nasal passage. It's excellent for sinusitis symptoms. It's the only thing that has worked for me and I have tried many prescription and over-the-counter drugs before.

I can feel my sinus mucus clearing up within minutes of using this spray. It feels so good to be able to breathe again. I repeat the dose several times a day as it becomes necessary.

It does burn a little bit in the beginning, but it doesn't last long. I honestly couldn't care less about the initial burning sensation because of how effective this nasal spray is.

Post 1

Capsaicin and eucalyptol inside my nose doesn't sound like a very good idea. The tissue inside the nose is gentle, I think this nasal spray would irritate it and make my symptoms worse.

Has anyone tried this spray for their sinus problems?

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